Wings Clipped: Caps 3 / Red Wings 2

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2 Responses to Wings Clipped: Caps 3 / Red Wings 2

  1. This really was a fantastic game. Probably the best I’ve watched of late, if a bit frustrating early on.

    Having some additional outlook from the previous entry really had me far deeper into the game as a whole along with some great banter by Joe B. and Craig throughout.

    Brats and Beer didn’t hurt the experience here at home either.

  2. Doug says:

    As a caps fan watching this game in Southeastern Michigan with native-Detroit roommates, I’m glad we won.

    I do have to ask, has Semin changed sticks recently or did he just not have it today? The whole first period every pass was bouncing over his stick and then he had one break on him on what I think was going to be a pretty good one timer chance.

    At least I get to rub it in against my roommates the same way they did when the Lions beat that other DC team.

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