Rewinding to the Warmth of Cooler Times

A week ago today so many in our region rushed out onto frozen ponds, creeks and canals, in pursuit of participating in hockey in its purest form. The novelty and splendor led many to capture much of last weekend’s shinny on digital cameras, and pass along the special moments to us this past week. We will never tire of this beautiful imagery, most particularly the intergeneration joy that’s captured in so much of it.

This weekend, at least for the shinny of heart, an unwelcome thaw is settling upon Washington, and we may well not again see this winter the needed sustained low temps to recreate last weekend’s fun. But rather than frown at the puddles of this weekend let’s relive the splendor of last. We thank Chris and Tyler Trice of Winhester, Va., for these beauties.

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2 Responses to Rewinding to the Warmth of Cooler Times

  1. With every day that passed this week, my heart sank a little lower as I realized it was going to be too warm by this weekend for any canal skating. Here’s hoping for another freeze before the winter ends!

  2. Great pictures, I love the first one with the puck, very good photos! I have been playing on the pond at the resort I work at every night after shifts. I love the feel of outdoor hockey. Working on some videos and pictures for our website too!

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