Capitals Radio Hits The Digital Airwaves

The Washington Capitals have today debuted Capitals Radio — a terrific addition to their already impressive stable of multimedia content.

The custom audio-on-demand player will give fans access to high-quality streaming music featuring Capitals’ arena favorites, music from the locker room featuring artists and songs selected by Capitals players. Fans will also have the opportunity to search channels, artists and genres, Capitals archived press conferences, post-game commentary and other audio highlights throughout the season.

Currently there are four channels: Capitals Rock (mostly tunes heard at the Phone Booth along with a few podcast faves), Capitals Talk (self-explanatory), Fan Bands (thus far just the Cap’s Rap, but a home for future fan creations), and Locker Room Radio featuring tracks chosen by the players themselves.

As the one who first compiled CapsMix a couple years back, I’m particularly happy about Capitals Rock. The Locker Room channel is an eclectic mix which, in early sampling, features electronica/dance/hip-hop — to be expected given Alex Ovechkin’s musical tastes — along with rock and other styles sprinkled throughout.

Of course, these tracks are streaming only; but the History feature allows listeners to go back and review tracks/artists from that session — if one reloads the page, the history is reset. Just something to keep in mind before leaving the page!

Capitals Radio is a great way to get the flavor of Caps’ music wherever you have Internet access — you’re almost guaranteed to stumble across a new track or band to broaden your musical horizons.

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