Mistletoe, Hockey, and Holly Morris

We don’t much look to our local Fox affiliate for penetrating puck coverage, but feature reporter Holly Morris early in the new year went out to Kettler, donned a Gr8 red sweater, and posed good questions to the head coach: Morris asked about the team’s recent slump; the vacated captaincy; the organization’s interest in participating in the 2011 Winter Classic; and Gabby’s new book, Gabby. We like the look and substance of this kind of reporting (more than 5 minutes devoted to the segment), and we wish for more such coverage in 2010.

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1 Response to Mistletoe, Hockey, and Holly Morris

  1. NAR says:

    It’s about time somebody “covers” hockey. I am starting to protest NBC 4 for their lack of coverage of the Capitals. DC will never be a Hockeytown if the local channels play 1.NFL 2.MLB 3.NBA 4.NCAA Basketball 5.High School Football, Basketball 6.Hockey. I literally yelled at the t.v., “REALLY? REALLY?”

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