Alex Ovechkin In Jeopardy

Last month I was in Los Angeles and saw an impressive number of Los Angeles Kings billboards around the city, including those touting a celebrity-filled party for Luc Robitaille’s Hockey Hall of Fame induction.

Both the Kings and Ducks were on the road at the time, so it seemed there’d be no hockey on this trip; instead, I attended a filming of Jeopardy! It was November, so we were a bit surprised when announcer Johnny Gilbert asked us all if we’d enjoyed the holidays and were ready for New Year’s. It seems they were filming shows well in advance of the planned broadcast dates, and finally those episodes are airing this week.

The final episode filmed that day will air New Year’s Eve at 7:30 p.m. on ABC. To my surprise, it was Jeopardy! that gave me a little taste of hockey, and of home: Alex Ovechkin was part of one of the show’s answers.

Now Oveckin’s name has popped up once before on the show — just a few weeks ago, when contestant and Virginia resident S. R. Sidarth enticed viewers to “Watch me light up the scoreboard like Alex Ovechkin on Jeopardy!”

In the episode airing on 12/31/2009, the very last question before “Final Jeopardy” will involve the Caps’ superstar. So now you can watch the show and amaze friends with your prescient wizardry . . . “Somehow I get the feeling the Capitals will be mentioned on the show tonight.” Or something like that.

It is the first time Ovechkin has been a Jeopardy! answer but, given Ontario-born Alex Trebek’s love of hockey, I suspect Canadian Alex will see to it that Russian Alex reprises his role as a Jeopardy! answer.

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