Virginia License Plate Update

OFB reader Scott from Maryland provided us the following picture of his ride as possible inspiration for Virginian to order Capitals branded license plates.

VW Golf OV8

We’re not sure where you get his VW Golf model, perhaps it was made in Russia.

Last week, the Caps stated that 24 more applications were needed to establish the Washington Capitals Virginia license plate. Today we got word that everything should be in good shape. However, keep turning in your applications just in case there are any problems with any of those already received. As some of the applications would date back to last year, some may have moved out of state or had other changes of information. Also, those with the pre-paid applications will receive their plates quicker than those who may wait.

With that being said, the deadline for applications is the close of business on Thursday, December 31st. For the cost of a couple of beers at Verizon Center, you can rock the red during your daily commute or on road trips to Hershey and beyond.

Additional information and the license plate application can be found at You can also contact the the Caps License Plates Program at or 202.266.2200.

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5 Responses to Virginia License Plate Update

  1. Scott says:

    Gary..thanks for the post! Yes, it’s a Russian model. Per my salesman, “It’s a Russian machine, never breaks!” πŸ™‚

  2. daved says:

    the maryland plates look so much better than the virginia plates. definately gonna get one for the car though.

  3. Sam says:

    @Daved, don’t forget, the Virginia plate images are just a mock-up. I imagine that they will basically end up being the same plates as MD.

    According to the Caps website: “Once the bill is approved, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles will work with the Caps to develop the special license plate. Please note that the design is subject to change until officially approved by the DMV.”

  4. robert says:

    “A Haven for the Hockey Malnourished”
    The quote given in the site is very inspiring,i like it.

  5. β€œA Haven for the Hockey Malnourished”
    The quote given in the site is very inspiring,i like it.

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