Meet Washington’s Hanson Sisters

Earlier this season we schemed what we thought would be good fun for OFB’s Christmas card in 2009: outfit three of our favorite hockey lovers among local media — Comcast Sportsnet’s Tara Wheeler, Lisa Hillary, and Michelle Scalise — in Charlestown Chiefs’ sweaters and Santa’s caps at one of Washington’s most scenic skating locales, and christen them ‘Washington’s Hanson Sisters.’ And this was before electronic chatter got a bit chippy about the role an enforcer could or should play on the Caps this season. If the Caps aren’t going to rough things up a bit in preemptive message-sending, our broadcasters will, ‘Slapshot’-style!

Just last Friday, mere hours before the arrival of ‘Snowpocalypse 2009,’ we convened at the National Gallery of Art’s Sculture Gardens Ice Rink, where the girls hammed it up fabulously for our camera. We are tremendously indebted to the Comcast broadcasters for their spirited and enthusiastic support for this project.

We wish them, and especially you, our loyal and rugged enforcement-minded reader, the warmest possible holiday season.

Washington's Hanson Sisters

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4 Responses to Meet Washington’s Hanson Sisters

  1. beeman says:

    Thank you, ladies. Great job. I’m glad you elected to skip the black glasses. Merry Christmas!

  2. Ian Oland says:

    I just wanted to say that this was such a good, fun idea. Well done you guys! Next year, I hope to come up with something half as cool!

  3. Great idea… The ladies look great… Very well done..

  4. Beautiful ladies doing a great job..Very well done.

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