An Old Song Gets a New Beat

Last week Rush’s Neil Peart recorded a fresh take on the ‘Hockey Night in Canada’ theme song — ‘Canada’s second national anthem’ — which TSN purchased the rights to last year. The re-recording took place last Monday in Hollywood, where Peart lives.  According to Sabian, Peart’s cymbals’ source, “He arranged a drum part that is distinctly Peart – percussive, heavy & composed — all while remaining true to the original theme. That was just as important to Peart as anyone who grew up listening to that music before the game in Canada.” Some additional details of the recording session were provided today by Sabian:

“The theme was recorded with large horn and rhythm sections at Ocean Way studios on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood last Monday. The NHL was kind enough to lend the actual Stanley Cup for the session. Talk about inspiration!”

Peart was also accorded a brand new, very hockey-friendly drum kit for the recording session:

Seat Ovi behind this kit and he'd be a 'dirty drummer'

Seat Ovi behind this kit and he'd be a 'dirty drummer'

Update: Here’s a YouTube clip of the session which includes Peart acknowledging his own pond hockey career:

Update 2: Here’s Neal Peart on WCBS Radio in NYC

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4 Responses to An Old Song Gets a New Beat

  1. Russ says:

    Ovie would ride the “Red Tide” with those skins!

  2. pgreene says:

    oh my lord that’s the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen. is it too late to add it to my Christmas list?

  3. Gretzky’s Office was behind the net… perhaps the slot is Ovechkin’s Red Sector O?

  4. We can certainly agree that Alex’s is an *up-tempo* Mission.

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