Top of the Tweet for the Week of December 5

We thought it might be fun and interesting to highlight Top Tweets from the Captials’ Twitter community we came across during the past week. And we’ll probably offer up a roundup of Top Tweets each week. This week was filled with talk of Ovi’s hit and style of play, the Philadelphia massacre, some vague indiscretion perhaps perpetrated by a decent golfer, and a sighting of a certain unwanted Swedish center around town.Twitter-Logo

nateewell Who will be the first ice-level TV guy to jump out and help his home team? I got $ on Bob Errey.

dcsportschick What’s funnier, that the Caps are up 7-1 or that Crosby is resting his groin?

JohnMKeeley Department of Homeland Security needed in Philly: #Caps going Al Qaeda on Flyers

cmasisak22 Oh my god — a referee just got hit in the face with the puck and this place erupted in cheers. Pathetic.

brettleonhardt Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Not Dec. 5th 2009

kaaaali I bet my neighbors wonder what is going on in my apartment when I’m clapping and screaming “Yesssss!” or “Noooo!” during a #Caps game. #NHL

JapersRink Semin’s biggest defenders like to martyr themselves and think everyone’s out to get their guy. It’s simply not true and not that simplistic.

jwaltonhockey Bears win 5-4, Chris Bourque number one star of the game with two goals and an assist.

VogsCaps Anyone remember a rash of “Gordie Howe must change” or “Mark Messier must change stories back in the day? Yeah, me neither. Grab a tissue.

dcsportsbog GMGM on Ovechkin: “I’m glad he’s not pulling back. He’ll learn to pick his spots a little bit…but I’m glad he’s defiant.”

brettleonhardt Shout out to @akeesee820 for being my 80th follower. If @akeesee820 can tell why 80 is so important you got two tickets to an upcoming game.

nateewell Don’t look now, but @GreenLife52 has 25% more points than any other Canadian d-man

timleone Caps just announced they reclaimed Chris Bourque and assigned him to Hershey.

DanaWalker_chat Will Joe B. & Locker FINALLY discuss food and/or their moms tonight? I think so… #caps

dchesnokov Bengt-Åke Gustafsson is considering coaching a KHL club if he doesn’t carry on coaching Team Sweden. A few KHL clubs show interest.

bmcnally14 Matt Bradley in 81 games last year: 5 goals. Matt Bradley in 28 games this year: 5 goals.

cmasisak22 Crosby: “You can’t judge guys on one hit. Some guys see suspensions as something they learn from. Other guys brush it off and do it again.”

dchesnokov A rare sighting. Too rare. RT @SlavaKM I just saw M.Nylander practice alone at Rockville rink wearing full NYR gear and Jagr jersey.

nateewell All lies. This interview is making him look even more deceitful, dishonest, biased and wrong.

nateewell I think I might have lost a Dick Dillman vote today.

HockeyWashington, alighted in vigil, needing good news about a Russian knee

HockeyWashington, alighted in vigil, needing good news about a Russian knee

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3 Responses to Top of the Tweet for the Week of December 5

  1. kaaaali says:

    oh, that’s nice! thanks for mentioning me. fyi: the link to mine goes to a different tweet than what’s listed up there! but really it doesn’t matter because i love you. if i had a website that i made just for you, it would be

  2. You are welcome.

    BTW, we’ve fixed all the links. Some weirdness invaded the html.

  3. Patrick says:

    Nyls in a blueshirt jersey? true, or just a joke?

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