Stuff that Stocking with Hockey Goodness

new-jerseys-pothierCourtesy of Paul Lukas, aka Mr. Uni Watch (the only person I know who’s more obsessed with jerseys than I am), comes a wonderful and inexpensive holiday gift tip for the hockey fan in your life. For just under 8 bucks you can revel in the good, bad, and ugly of hockey jersey history:

“The Greatest Jerseys of All Time” from The Hockey News: Hands down the best hockey-related stocking stuffer of the season, this 170-page special issue has it all: endless photos of gorgeous jerseys, classic jerseys, obscure jerseys, ugly jerseys, rec league jerseys, overseas jerseys, you name it. Plus there’s extensive coverage of such crucial issues as whether white should be worn at home or on the road, whether “jersey” or “sweater” is the more appropriate term, the use of the captain’s “C,” and more. You can get a taste of the photo sessions that went into the project in this video. The issue itself is available here.

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  1. We have that issue, and it’s a good read! Highly recommended.

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