Varly Perfect, Ovi 1 G & 15 PIM: Caps 2, BuffaSlugs 0

Victory Beer

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2 Responses to Varly Perfect, Ovi 1 G & 15 PIM: Caps 2, BuffaSlugs 0

  1. CapsFan1975 says:

    Great game! Varly is our saviour. He’s got the perfect initials for a goalie who makes saves — SAV.

    Ovi is now grounded and put in time out and loses his 2nd star as a result of the major penalty and misconduct. His star gets awarded to Eric Fehr instead. Seriously, I think the rerefs are out to get Ovi since he is getting the reputation as a dirty player. (I don’t think he’s dirty but people are complaining that is.)

    It also seems that the Caps are more focused in killing major penalties than minor ones.

  2. Patrick says:

    Varly was unbeatable, Green was determined to extend his point streak, Clark was aggressive and buzzing, All of the defensemen were excellent in front of our net, AO was possessed, and we got 60 minutes of quality effort from the whole cast, including Alzner in his first NHL game of the year.
    Excellent job killing off the undeserving major, and Green’s minor.
    I had already given the hard hat to Fehr before he scored. He has really woken up lately.
    Pothier has turned into a machine on defense AND offense.
    Great game, Go Caps!

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