Nylander to Russia, Pending Final Approval

Per TSN’s Bob McKenzie, Washington Capitals center Michael Nylander is headed to Russia. McKenzie also reports that:

“Nylander makes the final call on whether he’s going to Russia but it looks like he’s prepared to do it. Not formalized just yet, though.” – 12:22pm

… and more:

“And since this Russian thing looked like it was going to get done a time or two before and didn’t, we better wait for official confirmation.” – 12:47pm

On a somewhat related note, Dan Steinberg kills two brids with one stone in his Washington Post Chat:

Stockholm, Swe: Could the Washington Redskins find a roster spot for Michael Nylander?

Dan Steinberg: The Redskins are already fine at spinning in circles without going anywhere, thanks.

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1 Response to Nylander to Russia, Pending Final Approval

  1. Patrick says:

    HMMMMMMM??? Nyls, packing bags with no chiseled contract yet, and GMGM headed to Toronto for a Generel managers meeting?
    I am still hopeful we just bring up some talented D and get them under contract.

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