Chocolate-Colored Lenses

Terrific post written by our friend Katie over at Rock the Check it out here, and read on for an excerpt where she defines the “Hershey Mentality,” which is particularly relevant tonight as Tyler Sloan scored the first goal down in Florida:

That “Never Give Up” attitude is what Caps’ prospects are learning. That’s why Tyler Sloan had a goal Wednesday night. That’s why Mathieu Perreault had two assists in his NHL debut. That’s why Fleishmann has 4 points in 4 games. That’s why Quintin Laing has no sense of self-preservation. That’s why Keith Aucoin forgets the pain in his neck from looking up at everyone else and instead puts his head down and skates hard. That’s why Giroux ignores being called every degrading name thrown at him and goes back to Hershey after each call-up with more fire and scores even more goals.

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1 Response to Chocolate-Colored Lenses

  1. CapsFan1975 says:

    Maybe it will be time to get rid of the non-performing veterans for draft picks and prospects and bring up the core of the Hershey team. (After the year’s over.)

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