Who Says DC Has No Hockey History?

Astute reader Chris Lewton submitted this wonderful find from the District Department of Transportation archives. DDOT (or “d.” as the department cleverly self-branded) has posted a series of photos showing streetcars in D.C., including this gem from 1943 advertising an Ice Hockey showdown of Washington vs. Hershey.

A passenger alights in the winter of 1943 from what was a busy underground station at the Bureau of Engraving at C and 14th Streets, SW. The streetcar carries a poster advertising ice hockey at the Uline Arena at 3rd & M Streets, NE.

A passenger alights in the winter of 1943 from what was a busy underground station at the Bureau of Engraving at C and 14th Streets, SW. The streetcar carries a poster advertising ice hockey at the Uline Arena at 3rd & M Streets, NE.

Read more about the return of streetcars to our nation’s capital here.

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40 Responses to Who Says DC Has No Hockey History?

  1. Gmann says:

    What a great find! Thanks for sharing.

  2. pucksandbooks says:

    Agreed, I love this image. Hockeytown indeed!

  3. chanuck says:

    I think I have seen this before some place?

  4. Grooven says:

    U-Line Arena is still standing too. (sort of)

  5. @ Grooven: Good point! Here’s a link to a satellite photo of it and some more history about ol’ U-Line:

  6. Patrick says:

    That’s a really cool snapshot!!
    In between the two advertised events, it says “free”, but I can’t make out what it is, Admission perhaps?

  7. Mike says:

    This is cool. It caused me to look around a bit and I found this: http://pdwquidestveritas.blogspot.com/2008/02/short-pictorial-history-of-uline-arena.html

  8. @ Patrick: Good eye. The text reads:
    which is a pretty cool additional enticement for fans, eh?

  9. Thank you Mike — good find.

    Readers, check out the link in #7 above for more about Miguel L. “Uncle Mike” Uline, his ice-making business, and the Washington Lions.

  10. Tyler says:

    “In the 70s and 1980s it became one of the hot spots for go-go, but, following a failed redevelopment by Takoma Park’s Christian Faith Center in 1986 as a “spiritual center”, it was converted in 1994 to a trash transfer station by LG Industries.”

    Oh how the mighty have fallen…

  11. Grooven says:

    You can also see ULine Arena from the Metro. On the redline outside Union Station.

  12. Todd says:

    Any chance that there are pictures of Washington Lions jerseys out there somewhere, or at least a logo?

  13. MaryRWise says:

    In addition to hockey, the Beatles played Uline Arena in 1964. Good company!

  14. Good company indeed, Mary!

    For more on the team, check out John Walton’s blog:

  15. Jeff says:

    I attended Hockey games at The Washinton Coliseum in the late 60′, early 70’s. Washington Chiefs Ice Hockey Club. Amatuer then Semi-Pro

  16. Suzanne says:

    Does anyone have any info on the Jimmy Dean Show from Uline. My Dad Fred Walthall worked the lights for the ice shows and Hockey Games.
    And my three oldest sisters sang and played on the Jimmy Dean Show there

  17. Greg Parker says:

    I played fro the Washington Chiefs in the late sixties early seventies along with Dick Patrick, Pres. of the Capitals. I am looking for dates of a couple of exhibition games played there in the late 50’s early 60’s. Baltimore Clippers v. Canadiens and Blackhawks

  18. Greg Parker says:

    Played at the Washington Coliseum that is.

  19. Greg Parker says:

    Anyone remember Pentegon City outdoor ice rink? Washington Potomacs later the Patriots?

  20. Bill Pearce says:

    I played for the Chiefs in 73-74 with Patrick, Sullivan, and a number of others. Can find roster on hockey database.com
    had a good crowd back then.

  21. Carl Hobbs says:

    I was researching Baltimore ice hockey and found a site with a photo of a ticket for what appears to be a Baltimore Clippers vs. Chicago Blackhawks exhibition game held at the Washington Coliseum on Friday, September 27, 1963. Here is the link – http://www.nationalbrewers.com/washington.html. Click the photo to enlarge. Enjoy!

  22. Chantale Langlois says:

    My dad Jim Langlois played for the Washington Chiefs back in the 70’s. If you had any souvenir of him, let me know.

  23. Greg Parker says:

    I played on that team with with Jim Langlois. I will look thru my stuff & see if I have any pics or clips for you. Are you in the DC area? Dad?

  24. Chantale Langlois says:

    Thanks Greg, you can send an email to jimlanglois333@hotmail.com to continue the conversation.

  25. mike darne says:

    I watched many a chiefs game with Bob Parker. Those were some good times.Greg, you can contact me at mvdarne@gmail.com

  26. Jim Smith says:

    I played for the Pittsburgh Knights against Jim Langlois and Bill Pearce. Those were some intense battles.

  27. Joe says:

    I remember watching the chiefs w/my family. I used to walk around trying to find practice pucks in the stands since there was only a chain backstop and no glass to keep them in the rink. I remember players being checked into the seats and my mom helping them back on the ice! Fun times! Am I remembering correctly or was Jonas a black man? I seem to remember being amazed in that day and age to see him playing (I was only like 9). My one piece of memorabilia – a yellow 1 page program – has disintegrated over the years. If anyone has anything they’d like to sell, or could even send me picts of jerseys or a program, that would be cool to bring back to my family. Thanks for the memories of hockey before the caps! doh88@hotmail.com

  28. Andre says:

    You bet, Joe. Jonas Milton was his name, a local black kid who could skate like the wind and was utterly fearless. He was THE fan favorite of Chiefs fans. Not the best finisher maybe, but no Chief stood up more for his teammates than Jonas. Many fights during those games, I wonder if the players thought it was worth it for so little money. Patrick played defense as I recall, was one of the better players out there. But Jonas was the show. If he’s still around, the Capitals should find an appropriate way of honoring him somehow.

  29. Theresa Carson says:

    Greg Parker; I have an autographed picture of you /early 70’s! You autographed it for me. I was 14 years old….and thought you were a hunk! If I am right, you were the goalie….and you played with my uncle Larry Lumsden! I do not have the pictue in front of me…but I can produce it! I also have one signed by my uncle! My husband and I were talking abo0ut this….we live in St.Pete…and our team The Tampa Bay Lightning just one in the shootout!!!! It made me think of the first hockey game I ever saw…..and you were in it! I thought I was all that;Uncle Larry took me to the locker room to meet you all!!!! Thanks for the great memory! Sincerely, Theresa Huffman Carson

  30. Theresa Carson says:

    Greg Parker: My email address is thinlizzy159@verizon.net if you would like to reply;or have copies of the pics! :):):):)

  31. Joe says:

    Thanks Andre! Definitely sparks memories!

  32. Carol Anderson says:

    I spent a lot of time on 3rd street with my great grand parents. At the time Jonas Milton was one of the “older” kids around and was always very nice to me, even though I was not much more than 7 or 8. He was probably not much taller than about 5’6″ but he could skate and he was fast. Does anyone know if he is still around? I’m trying to locate him if he is. My older brother played with the kids hockey team. He was bantam and we have pictures of the year they won the championship.

  33. Mike overton says:

    I attended Chiefs games regularly in the early 70s with my brother and parents. Jonas Milton was the highlight and team hero. Would love to know what the rest of his life has been like.

  34. cory shover says:

    My older brother Craig Shover played for the Chiefs along with his buddy Rich Zerbe. I am asking them for any pictures from that time to scan and save. Rich says he has some. I got a newspaper photo of Craig which is pretty cool. Too bad there wasn’t digital cameras back then.

  35. Rick Dade says:

    I can’t believe I ran across this blog. When I was a kid in the 60’s and early 70’s my father took my brothers, cousins and all the neighborhood kids to plenty of Chiefs games. Greg Parker, Jonas Milton, Larry Lumsden, Dick Patrick, Fred Sullivan, Steve Wirth and so many others were our hero’s back then.
    The Chiefs motivated us to play hockey and I still skate with Steve Wirth in Baltimore occasionally.
    This brings back great memories and I’m going to share this link with the whole gang.
    Thank you all for sharing and especially Greg and the ex-Chiefs for the fond memories.

  36. Deborah Hobbs says:

    I used to love going to the Chiefs games with my Dad, Uncle, brothers, and counsins and friends. My favorite was Jonas #8. He was fast a furious. I learned to Hockey skate and tried to be just like him. I loved the family all getting together and eating Cracker Jacks watching the game. I loved banging on the glass and routing for the players and yelling for the to check hard into the boards and screaming for them to get in a fight. I probably would not be the same fan as I was back then. But I sure would like to see a pick up game of all the old chief players. Great memories, Ricky; Thanks for sharing.

  37. Deborah Hobbs says:

    I am Ricky Dade’s cousin.

  38. Jonas Milton says:

    I am so happy that I ran across this blog; Greg Parker, Larry Lumsden, Dick Patrick, Fred Sullivan, Steve Wirth and many others of my friends. Because of Fred Sullivan and Dick Patrick, I attended law school. I was welcomed in Greg Parker’s house, and his Dad treated me as his own son. Larry Lumsden, protected me when we were on road trips. Jim Langlois was one of my heroes. I am Jonas Milton, and I was one of the players of the Washington Chiefs Hockey Club, and I too am looking for memorabilia or souvenirs from our time period. My email is jfcahca123@gmail.com. Thank you guys for all the great memories; let’s do it one more time for us and our faithful fans; who’s GAME!!

  39. Tyrone Tate says:

    Jonas Milton made the weeks longer because I couldn’t wait to see him on Saturday play hockey. It inspired me to play and eventually go to college. Talk about being ahead of your time. Although its not hockey because there’s no rinks remotely close to me, I’m very involved in sports as a coach and mentor which was inspired by you Jonas. You’ve touched a lot of kids as a result who’ve graduated from some of the most prestigious colleges in the country. I thank you and God Bless you for the time you spent inspiring me as a child and it stuck with me as a man.

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