Bloggers in Versus Air Space

About a week ago we got a fun and flattering request from the NHL’s American broadcast partner, Versus: to participate in a podcast interview of Mike Green. Versus wanted five questions for Mike from us. Yesterday, we dialed in at the appointed hour and were able to ask Mike all five of our questions. We were joined in the interrogation by two other new media outlets, and Those of course are highly regarded online hockey outlets, and their bringing a national puck perspective made for what I thought was an effective and complimentary vantage next to our hometown one. There were a lot of terrific questions asked over the course of the interview’s 30 minutes, and I took a lot of pride from the fact that all of them were coming from new media voices.

Here’s what we asked Greener:

  • It was extraordinarily exciting watching you score your record-setting goal in an 8th straight game by a defenseman last season, and the moreso as the television cameras panned in on your father, who was attending the game in Florida with all the other fathers of Caps’ players. Can you share with us what it meant to have your dad there in the rink for such a historic night, and what it was like sharing that moment with him in the post-game?
  • As a Canadian hoping to represent your country in the Winter Olympics next February, do you have thoughts about Alex’s anxiety in perhaps not being sanctioned to represent his country when the Games are played in Russia in 2014?
  • When you learned that your favorite hockey stick model was no longer being produced by the manufacturer last season, were you tempted to call them up and say, “I’m Mike Green, and I score a zillion NHL goals with this stick, why the hell are you dumping it????”
  • For your friends back in western Canada who perhaps can’t make it all the way to Washington to watch you play, how do you describe to them the remarkable atmosphere that now nightly greets the Caps at home? And do you tell them that Washington now is a hockey town?
  • Don’t you think it would make for a cool feature story to take a Capitals’ hockey blogger for a ride in your new Lamborghini?

I really enjoyed Green’s reply to my third question, in which he admitted that he was tempted to contact the manufacturer but not as himself! Of course I was most particularly interested in Mike’s answer to my final question, and being the good sport that he is, he gave the green light to the idea. I’ll keep you posted if there’s a tour of D.C. by Lamborghini in OFB’s future.

Versus will edit the program, and as we find out more about its use we’ll share the info with you.

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1 Response to Bloggers in Versus Air Space

  1. meg says:

    I actually think it was dumb of Green not to contact the manufacturer and say something along those lines. At least ask for all of the ones that they had left at that point or ask them not to discontinue it until after the season was over. Its rediculous that the highest scoring defensemen had to switch sticks in the middle of the post-season.

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