On the Media Front, This Morning Seems Like Christmas for Caps’ Fans

An OFB colleague directed email my way for my perusal in the pre-coffee hour of Wednesday. I rubbed my eyes thrice at its contents: Today’s Washington Post, he informed, contained a free-standing section on the NHL and the Capitals. Before morning coffee, I am most susceptible to a wide array of pranks, so I went to my usual newsstand on K St. on my way into town today, and sure enough, Section J of today’s WaPost, titled ‘NHL ’09, greets its perusers with a large, above-the-fold color shot of Ovi, and contains nothing in its copy but puck. Wow. So I reached for my wallet and delightedly handed over 79 cents to the newsstand cashier. You should, too.

We shouldn’t move past this moment in pedestrian fashion. It’s been years in the making. (Likely it also helped that this week all of the Post’s sports editors are out of town attending a vocational convention, and the sports section’s assembly has been left to Tarik and Steinz.) (A joke, people.) The litany of coverage in Section J:

      • ‘Five Storylines To Watch’
      • Forecast capsules for each team
      • ‘Is This the Year? ‘[byline Tarik]
      • ‘Caps Mania Doesn’t Faze Boudreau’ [column by Tracee Hamilton]
      • J6 — again an entire page of puck — offers a projected roster and bio for each player, and the team schedule
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1 Response to On the Media Front, This Morning Seems Like Christmas for Caps’ Fans

  1. odessa steps magazine says:

    Guess this was short lived?
    None of the columnists could be bothered to make the trip to Boston for Opening Night?
    — The Superstar Columnist writes in Friday’s paper about …. the NBA referees?
    — The columnist based in NY writes about the Redskins the day before. At least it wasn’t about Lance Armstrong.
    — The baseball columnist thought a question about “theo and boston” was about the Red Sox during his chat.
    — The other two? Who?
    — One wonders if the former superstar columnist gave any time to the Capitals on his radio show or instead talked about American Idol, even though it’s not currently on the air.

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