Print Press Subtlety

I gotta chat with Examiner Caps’ beat reporter Brian McNally — I think he had something to do with the art for his paper’s front page today:



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4 Responses to Print Press Subtlety

  1. Salt on the wound pucksandbooks. Salt on the wound.

  2. capsfansteve says:

    yeah I’m with mike. there are some of us who have enjoyed both teams for years….

  3. Dead Skins says:

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving franchise. Hopefully the DC media will see fit to give up on this sinking ship and start giving the Caps SOME attention…

  4. Ok, the whole media crying thing regarding the Caps really should calm down. As soon as the Skins faltered last season, you didn’t hear about anything BUT the Caps around here. Hell, they’re getting more coverage and respect than I can ever remember. I’m not saying that it’s enough, but it’s far better. I also prefer that CSN takes care of a majority of TV coverage because it’s typically quality stuff, and I’ll take quality over quantity. Some of the Redskins stuff out there is just complete garbage (Redskins Nation anyone?).
    What people have to realize is that championships bring about a more loyal fanbase and publicity than anything, and the Redskins have three (albeit 20 years ago). They’re going to get that love as long as they’ve got 100,000 people filling up their stadium every week, regardless of their record. While the Caps history is filled with a lot of success and solid players, they don’t have any cups to this point. I have a problem with Caps fans taking jabs at Skins fans because of their loyalty in a down period.
    Caps fans know what it’s like to have overpriced free agents that quit on your town. They also know what it’s like to feel like their fellow fans have given up and gone home. I know how that feels. It’s not a fun feeling, and it’s not the fault of the fans, so they don’t deserve the punishment. I’m saying this from the standpoint of both a loyal Redskins AND Capitals fan. The difference is that people that are exclusively Caps fans have too much of an inferiority complex, and it’s a little annoying now that the team is doing so well. Let’s all appreciate and cheer on our Caps while they make their own history, but avoid spitting on the Redskins as we pass them on the way to the top. We know how it feels to be bad, and we’re better than that anyway. On top of that, the Skins have shown the Caps a bunch of support over the last year. We’re all in this thing together. Go Caps.

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