How Does Redskins Nation Become Caps Nation?

It’s been quite a week for our friend Tara Wheeler. She’s expert at helping out others, and when she offered to help us out with some video work at Capitals’ training camp, we seized the opportunity. This video shoot represents one of Tara’s final appearances on camera before she went on to prove that bald is very beautiful.

What do you do when a Redskins’ TV reporter like Tara offers to ask members of the Capitals’ organization how Redskins’ Nation can become Capitals’ Nation? You roll the camera, that’s what you do.

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3 Responses to How Does Redskins Nation Become Caps Nation?

  1. I don’t get the idea that people can’t be Caps AND Redskins fans. We should have love for all of our city’s sports teams, even if they have terrible ownership.

  2. nafyekcoh says:

    Simple–Skins lose to the Lions.

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