DirecTV vs. Versus

DirecTVIf you’re a DirecTV subscriber like I am, the photo to the right is what’s currently on the channel where Versus used to be.  Petty?  Juvenile?  Yes.  Who’s to blame?  I don’t care.  As a former Comcast subscriber, I didn’t like them.  As a current DirecTV subscriber, I don’t like them either.  My contract is almost up, and I won’t be renewing.  While DirecTV has some features I like (namely, SiriusXM), I’m tired of losing signal every time there’s a hint of bad weather.  Those old ads that ragged on satellite TV (“when the dog sneezed, we lost the signal”) were surprisingly accurate, at least in my neighborhood.

When I first heard about the dispute, I was intrigued when I heard that DirecTV was using its Twitter feed to convey information.  “What a good idea,” I thought.  Then I read it. 

We’re listening and know how important Versus is. We are negotiationing for a fair deal. Visit DirecTV for the latest

“Negotiationing?”  What?  Most of the rest of the feed served to taunt Comcast, who owns Versus. 

To confirm: Comcast has pulled Versus, a channel we have long supported. Tell Comcast its time their pattern of unreasonable demands ends.

@comcastcares We’re sure when you have a more reasonable deal for DIRECTV customers, we’ll be much closer. Let’s work on that together 🙂

Not to be outdone in passive-aggressiveness, Comcast stuck it right back to them.

I apologize for all the spam sent this way by @DirecTV interesting use of Twitter. Others will respond

@DIRECTV It is nice to see all the demand for Verses. I guess you should work to get this done

@DIRECTV We are waiting on you for Verses

@pedalwest I suggest you discuss with @DirecTV, they can have this resolved quickly

@AdLawGuy I suggest you discuss with @DirecTV, they can have this resolved quickly

@BigGame72 I suggest you discuss with @DirecTV, they can have this resolved quickly

You get the point.  And those are just a few from today.

All that the Twitter wars accomplished was to convince me that DirecTV makes up words, and Comcast doesn’t know how to spell “Versus.”  Either way, I wasn’t impressed.

Yes, they have the rest of the month to work it out.  That’s too late for this subscriber- now that Verizon FIOS carries NHL Center Ice, I don’t need DirecTV.  At least this debacle happened before the start of hockey season.

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9 Responses to DirecTV vs. Versus

  1. Patrick says:

    I feel exactly the same way, I unfortunately have another year and a half with DirecTV. I’m considering ponying up the $380 to break my contract to go to Verizon FIOS.

  2. sonja says:

    We just made the move from DirectTV to VerizonFIOS in August … and could. not. be. happier!! FWIW they also carry the NHL channel and it’s very easily found, something that neither DirectTV nor Comcast ever did.

  3. Rob says:

    FIOS is fantastic once you get it setup. I had no issues with setup myself but I have heard some harrowing tales of getting it setup from other people.

  4. Claudia says:

    We moved to FIOS about a year ago, from DirecTV. We love it!

  5. nafyekcoh says:

    I recently moved from the N. VA area and our new area is not supported by COMCAST. The other cable companies do not carry the NHL channel nor have the option to purchase Center Ice, so we opted for Direct TV. I’m not here to say which company is better than the other, had problems with both.
    However, as a hockey fan, I would think it’s time for the NHL to reconsider all the glorious things it was saying last year about their contract with VERSUS. Direct TV boasts over 15 million subscribers, that is a huge number of potential viewers/fans which have now been eliminated.
    VERSUS should be responsible to the producers of the shows they have under contract for expanding viewing area.
    I really enjoyed the coverage VERSUS provided last year, but this is garbage and NOW is the time to the NHL to cover games on their own network.

  6. capshockeyfan says:

    I live on a small farm in Southern, MD and until recently, DirecTV was the only way for me to get anything beyond broadcast television. My salvation came last year when Verizon laid FIOS cable along the main road boardering my property. I was able to sign up for their service and they sent a crew to trench a single cable nearly 200 yards to my house. (Talk about customer service!!) The internet and tv service is flawless and I am MUCH happier with FIOS than I was with DirecTV.
    My only concern is that I do not believe FIOS currently offers as many HD channels for sports coverage as DirecTV did. FIOS seems to be increasing their HD service and my fingers are crossed that most of the Center Ice games will be shown in HD.

  7. SovSport says:

    Beware of FIOS. I have had them for four months now, and not ONCE was I billed right. Always overbilled by as much as $60.
    As bad as it may sound, I miss Comcast. Had them for over 4 years and never had a problem. Just believed in VZ lies and they had me.

  8. Colonial73 says:

    Been with Verizon FIOS for less than a year after abandoning Comcast after getting increasingly frustrated with their service. Can’t say enough good things about the picture quality, station choices, and broadcast reliability from FIOS. Having the MLB, NHL, NFL Networks and Versus right next to each other is a remote control delight.

  9. dan99 says:

    I think the bigger issue is fact that Comcast, a provider, owns a network, Versus. To me that seems like a major conflict of interest. Until recently I had Dish Network and for a good portion of that time, THEY did not have an agreement with Versus (ie. Comcast) and I missed almost the entire first post-lockout season. Right before the playoffs began an agreement was reached and Versus was available on Dish. Now, I see that DirecTV is having a similar issue. I’m sure the satellite company’s are not blameless and neither is Comcast, but c’mon. How can there be fair negotiations between a satellite company and a network, when that network is owned by the satellite company’s direct competitor. The NHL should’ve seen this coming. I can choose DirecTV, Dish Network or a watered-down rural cable company. This acrimony has been one hassle after another for those of us with little choice in our TV providers.

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