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A Super Send-Off to Mid-Summer Puck

It really was a special, camp-concluding Saturday out at Kettler Capitals, and little of that had to do with the play on the ice, which was fast-paced and good fun. We had our largest turnout of laptops to date for our final … Continue reading

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Serendipity on Ice

Jim Craig’s company, Gold Medal Strategies, recently reached out to us in response to our two winners’ moving reminiscences about what the Miracle on Ice meant to them. Almost thirty years later, its impact still ripples through the American consciousness; just last night the Miracle on Ice topped another list-themed sports special, this one about Sports’ Most Amazing Upsets. (If you were curious, Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson was second. A distant second.)
Don’t be surprised if you see some familiar quotes from readers Kevin and HockeyMom Molly resurface as the Miracle on Ice gets even more prominence early next year — after all, its 30th anniversary serendipitously coincides with the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Continue reading


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Knee-Jerks and Notes from Development Camp

Development Camp has concluded, and has provided us with hockey fodder to discuss over the grim period between mid-July and early September. Continue reading

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Development Camp Scrimmage Live Blog

Around 10am this morning, our camp-concluding scrimmage live blog will start in the window below. Joining OFB will be Empty Maybe, Reed Albers of Capitals Kremlin, Alex Perlmutter of the brand new blog The Capital Letter, everyone’s favourite Hockey Mom, and Tara Wheeler, Miss Virginia 2008. Continue reading

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Reminder: Saturday Morning Live Blogging with Your Saturday Morning Joe

This week I’ve been following some impressive Development Camp coverage by some new voices in the Capitals’ blogosphere, Capitals Kremlin and The Capital Letter, and I’m excited that they’ll be joining us at camp tomorrow morning for our camp-concluding live blog. Also, the voice of the Hershey Bears, John Walton, will be at Development Camp Saturday morning, updating his blog and Twittering tweets. And he’s going to stop by our live blog from the Capitals’ rink-overlooking lunch lounge and share his thoughts on offseason developments and the general look of things on the ice below. We’ll be on line and lively right around 10:00. Right here. Continue reading

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Little Gus Gets Goosed

Anton Gustafsson got banged up pretty badly in Thursday’s scrimmage, leaving the ice seriously bloodied. We’ll have dramatic images up soon, but in the meantime, be sure to check out The Peerless Prognosticator’s recap of yesterday’s scrimmage and the incident here. Continue reading

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Two Scrimmages in, and It’s a Full-on Man-Crush for Orlov

The 2009 Draft was forecasted to be real deep in talent. Someone figured to score a serious talent, a special hockey player, in round two. What if it was the Caps with Orlov? Continue reading

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A Farewell to Reggie Fleming

Reggie Fleming — who, in this blogger’s opinion, sounds like the inspiration for the iconic Reggie Dunlap of “Slap Shot” — passed away today at the age of 73. Check out The New York Times’ Stu Hackel’s article about Reggie’s tough-as-nails hockey life, including video of both Reggie’s fights and his reminiscences regarding a career that is as impressive today as it was then. Continue reading

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For the Canucks, There’ll Be a Whole Lot of Airport Food This Winter

I certainly figured that the 2010 Winter Olympics would play havoc with the Vancouver Canucks’ mid-winter scheduling, but I didn’t figure on this — a 14–game roadtrip, beginning January 30 in Toronto. Canucks’ fans won’t see a single home game … Continue reading

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A Snapshot of Summer Hockey, and Perhaps More

I snapped this picture behind a players’ bench during Wednesday afternoon’s Development Camp scrimmage. As I considered whether or not to post it on OFB I had the thought that on one level it could be said to capture the … Continue reading

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