Bob Woods and His Roll into the NHL

At the end of Development Camp last week we got the opportunity to talk to new Capitals’ Assistant Coach Bob Woods and ask him about his remarkable summer — a title run in Chocolatetown and then, just days later, ‘the call’ from the parent club. Woods of course was the head coach of last year’s Calder Cup Champion Hershey Bears, and he served as an assistant under Bruce Boudreau when the Bears won the Calder Cup in 2006.

Along with his prestigious career in the American League, Coach Woods also had a notable career in . . . roller hockey. Greg Wyshynski has a great story on it over at Puck Daddy.

With the Caps, Coach Woods told us, he will specialize on helping out with the defensemen and certainly smoothing the transition to the NHL for call-ups from Hershey.

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3 Responses to Bob Woods and His Roll into the NHL

  1. Alex Ovechkin says:

    Who is that interviewer? HAHA. You can see Bob Woods smirking at the interviewer’s lisp throughout the entire interview. Bob Woods is like WTF is this guy’s deal? Then towards the end the reporter puts his hand on Woods’ shoulder and Woods smiles and is like EWW!

  2. Justin says:

    Wow, do people have no basic respect for human beings anymore? What a classless comment…

  3. Audio Guy says:

    That’s not a lisp. That’s really bad audio.

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