On Frozen Pod – Visit to Championship Chocolatetown and a Living Landmark

Since OFB’s very first visit to Hershey some three years ago we’ve been welcomed and supported in every way possible by the Bears. In fact, during the 2007-08 season, when we organized a fundraiser here to try and help the District’s only public high school hockey team, Wilson High, remain on the ice, it was John Walton who took Daren Machesney’s goalie stick, had the entire Bears’ team sign it, and donated it to our benefit auction at Clyde’s. 

So it came as no surprise that during the Calder Cup finals our friends in Hershey would help us out again. It was then that pucksandbooks spent some time with Bears’ radio voice John Walton and Tim Leone of the Patriot News, whose biography of Bruce Boudreau will be published this autumn. We needed a lot of help to pull off what we wanted to with this visit — take our pod viewers into both of the special homes to Hershey hockey: the original home, Hersheypark Arena, and Giant Center.

This was a particularly special bit of editing for me to try and carry off. I’m spending the summer back home in Michigan, so I’m editing and blogging remotely. (Already I miss all the Red in Chinatown on game nights.) And pucksandbooks didn’t tell me anything about the video he uploaded to my YouTube account a couple of weeks ago; when I watched the footage of him inside Hersheypark Arena with Tim Leone the first time, and listened to Tim describe a winter Saturday night Bears’ game years ago inside that cathedral of puck, I swear I got goosebumps. 

A *very special* thank you is also in order to Brett Leonhardt, Capitals’ web content guru, who most ably filled in for me up in Hershey and manned the pod camera inside Giant Center. This podcast couldn’t have been carried off without his help.

Lastly, to the entire Hershey organization, from all of OFB, way to go Champs

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