The Miracle Is Reborn Today

miraclebluray.jpgToday, Walt Disney Video released the hockey classic Miracle on Blu-ray. We’ve been running a contest to give away copies of the film to readers with the most inspiring memories of the event; here’s an excerpt submitted by our final winner, Kevin:

I remember the moment like it was yesterday.  Leaping off my couch when
Eruzione netted the game-winning goal with ten minutes left in
regulation; savoring the deafening roars of “USA, USA” over and over
the last ten minutes of the game; wishing away the seemingly
never-ending remaining 600 seconds of hockey in the third period,
watching Jim Craig make miraculous save after miraculous save down the
stretch . . .

They had names like O’Callahan, Silk, Morrow, Christian, Johnson,
Ramsey, Eruzione, and Craig.  Many had been bitter enemies only months
before, playing for two rival national powerhouse hockey colleges,
Boston University and University of Minnesota.  And now they were
together, facing the greatest hockey team in the world — ranked number
one in the Olympics and winner of five of the previous six hockey
Olympic gold medals. A team that had blanked the NHL all-stars 6-0 a few weeks earlier and
had trounced our boys 10-3 in an exhibition game just days before the
1980 Olympics. If ever there were a David & Goliath moment in
sports, this was it. And our boys used their hockey sticks like
slingshots all game. And the hockey rink in Lake Placid became the
Valley of Elah.

Molly’s submission, which we posted earlier, is another inspiring account of the Miracle on Ice; read it here.

A big thank you to Disney, who were kind enough to provide these advance Blu-ray copies of Miracle to us for this promotion. If you submitted your memories but didn’t win, be assured we still appreciate that you shared your Miracle moment with us — it’s heartening to see such breadth and depth of emotion for that frozen moment still thrives among hockey fans everywhere.

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1 Response to The Miracle Is Reborn Today

  1. Frozen H2O says:

    Hello On Frozen Blog — I work with Jim Craig, goaltender for the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team. I enjoy your website. Also, I was hoping you could send my contact information to the winner of your Blu-ray “Miracle” give away contest, with a request that Kevin contact me. I wanted to post part of his winning entry in some of our marketing communication, and I want to make sure that I give his writing the proper attribution. Thank you. Ross Muscato

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