Not So Quietly Confident

There isn’t a panic in Hockeytown, but there is certainly an undercurrent of uneasiness.

The Detroit Red Wing are facing their first championship-deciding Game 7 in over 20 year. After the first two games it looked like it would be a quick series, maybe even a sweep. The Penguins battled back though, and the “Detroit Train of Overconfidence,” as a local radio station calls it, was slowed down a bit.

Slowed, but not derailed.

Even though Pittsburgh have shown that they are no pushovers, Detroit is still confident about Friday’s Game 7. The way callers are talking on the radio, it sounds like the Red Wings have crushed the Penguins in every game and the Penguins have only stolen their wins. While others may think the city of Detroit is being cocky, the city has history on their side — and the Wings fans know it.

In the history of the Stanley Cup Finals there has only been 14 Game Sevens. The home team has won 12 out of those 14. The last home teams to lose in Game 7 of the finals were the Chicago Blackhawks in 1971 and the Red Wings’ loss to Toronto in 1945.
Everybody in town wants to be in that arena. They all want to hopefully see their winged wheelers hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup once again. Most of those people, though, will have to just dream about it. There is almost no way to get inside historic Joe Louis Arena, unless you have money to spend or an inside connection. The cheapest ticket is just a shade over $500 while most expensive is $10,000.

I myself want to be there, so maybe I will just have to as dress a concession chef, or the “Penguins’ team bus driver,” or even as one of the Zebras themselves.

When it all comes down to it, it’s not about missed calls or NHL conspiracies, like many in Detroit think it is. Instead, It is about two of the best teams in the league squaring off in a grudge match.

The most horrific thing about it is that in a Game 7 anything can happen… and while no one knows what’s to come, one thing is for sure it will be a game to remember.

Even with “the Train of Overconfidence Chugging away,” you can bet I will still be screaming at the TV during the game Friday night.

Joe Louis Arena

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8 Responses to Not So Quietly Confident

  1. pepper says:

    How much would you pay for a Caps SCF game 7 ticket? $500, $1000, $2000, your entire life savings?

  2. Grooven says:

    Can you flex the awesome power of an OFB presspass to get in? 🙂

  3. The Mule says:

    I’m a Wings fan and I’m already preparing myself for the loss. I think anybody in Detroit, or fans of the Wings, that are overconfident need to have their heads examined. I would, at best, describe myself as cautiously optimistic. Osgood probably had the best game of his career Tuesday night and they still lost. I don’t know if that makes me happy or scared s**tless.
    Yes, every home team has won but that’s been because of, let’s face it, home-job officiating. This will NOT happen in Game 7. Bettman has masterminded this singular moment for years and there is no damn way he is going to let a whistle decide this.
    All bets are off.

  4. Andrew Tomlinson - OFB Intern says:

    I tried.. I even tried my powerful American University student paper power and it didn’t work.. sadly.
    Also to respond to the Mule, I totally agree. Especially with the boards at the Joe that take lots of strange bounces. Everyone says it all can come down to a bad bounce, and that applies at the Joe more than almost any other ball park

  5. Andrew Tomlinson - OFB Intern says:

    also, by Ball Park I meant arena.. sorry I wrote this while watching baseball haha

  6. Flipper says:

    Methinks the intern has at least one fact wrong…”The Detroit Red Wing are facing their first championship-deciding Game 7 in over 20 year; in fact Detroit has never hosted one.” does not jive with “The last home teams to lose in Game 7 of the finals were the Chicago Blackhawks in 1971 and the Red Wings’ loss to Toronto in 1945.”

  7. Andrew Tomlinson - OFB Intern says:

    Flipper you are right there. I made the change. It will be the first Championship Game 7 in the history of Joe louis and the first championship Game 7 in at least 20 years. I was going off of what the Detroit radio said, which was wrong. Thanks for catching that!

  8. I’m a Wings’ fan, and cautiously optimistic about the game. There have been some bad calls, sure — I don’t think there’s any way to deny that the majority of said calls (and non-calls) have benefited the Penguins — but if the Wings get off to a quick lead…

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