OFB on Kindle

OFB on KindleYou now have a new way to read OFB.  In addition to our RSS feed, Twitter feed, and email delivery, you can now read OFB on Amazon’s Kindle.

The Kindle is an e-book reader and more.  With an integrated wireless network card, the Kindle utilizes the same 3G network as many advanced cell phones allowing the reader to download books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs anywhere — no WiFi or hotspots required.

A Kindle subscription to OFB will only set you back $0.99 per month, including delivery.  OFB will be auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle and updated throughout the day so you can stay current.

Not sure about it?  It’s risk free!  Your OFB subscription starts with a 14-day free trial … plus it’s under $1.  That’s over 86% of the price of a puck soda at Verizon Center.  You’ve spilled more than that in a month of games, so click here and give it a try.

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