Hockey’s Hirsute Heroes

Mike Commodore's ManeThe playoff beard has long been a cherished part of hockey culture.
Whether the beards transform players into mountain men (such as Mike
Commodore’s classic mane) or just wispy-scruffed teens, ditching the razor is a terrific tradition that players and fans alike embrace with relish. In fact, the Washington Capitals’ recent Beard-A-Thon raised an impressive $42k for charity this post-season, and all four remaining playoff teams are still running their bearded fundraisers (Pittsburgh’s in the financial lead).
But for examples of true tonsorial splendor, one cannot top the
World Beard and Mustache Championships. The international competition was this past Memorial Day weekend in Anchorage, Alaska, and boasted some of the most impressively
hirsute mugs you’ll ever see. Check out some of the terrific photos from the competition… and
imagine how distracting it would be if you saw this face crashing you into the boards.
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1 Response to Hockey’s Hirsute Heroes

  1. Doc says:

    Why oh why does someone go on about the Pittsburgh Team, At this point of the playoffs it shows how a Team with its High moral will conquer. Its where talent/leadership will prevail!!

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