Roll Call of the Infirmed

The Times’ Corey Masisak has a nice rundown of both the injuries Caps’ players competed with this postseason and the status of some key personnel issues:

  • Surgery is a possibility for Mike Green this offseason, to correct an injured joint in his shoulder.
  • Ovi played with groin and wrist injuries.
  • Semin had a bum thumb.
  • John Erskine and Tom Poti skated with broken bones in their feet. Not so fun.
  • And Shaone Morrisonn had a strained groin.

Of considerable intrigue: Sergei Fedorov and his agent approached the Caps about a contract for next season back in January, but the Caps wanted to wait til the offseason to address that. On a far less encouraging note, General Manager George McPhee indicated that Michaal Nylander would not be bought out. Talk about an albatross. And cap lard. And there’s more personnel updates to be found In the Room.   

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14 Responses to Roll Call of the Infirmed

  1. spear says:

    I think McPhee is right in that buying out Nylander doesn’t make sense, at least not in the long term.
    Sure, he’s a $4.8+M cap hit per season through 2011. But if you buy him out, he becomes a $2.4+M cap hit through 20-freakin’-13. So while buying him out gives us a little bit more coin over the next two years, it’s only adding to our cap pressures in 2011-12 and 2012-13.
    We shed ourselves of the total weight of the albatross faster if we DON’T buy him out. Frustrating as that may be.

  2. spear says:

    I may have done the numbers incorrectly; I think he’d be a $1.6+M hit through 2013 rather than $2.4+M.
    The point still stands, though, that buying him out still hamstrings us a bit in 2012 and 2013, when we’re going to need all the cap space we can find.

  3. Johnny says:

    Injuries always suck…appearently there are no injuries in he billing department…got my bill for playoff tics less than 12 hours after the game…

  4. Bucky Katt says:

    “Talk about an albatross. And cap lard.”
    Ouch. Not pulling and punches in this post.

  5. Birdie says:

    JP is reporting the Caps PR say’s Schultz broke a rib, as well. And still no word on what injury Fehr is suffering from.

  6. And let’s not forget Theodore — bruised ego.

  7. Valleycapsfan says:

    Whatya bet Nylander’s contract is the LAST “no-move” contract McPhee ever signs? That one ranks up there with Jagr’s 7-year, incentive-removing agreement. Not being a contract lawyer, I can’t help wondering if they can sue Nyls for breach of contract for not rendering services for which he’s been paid.

  8. VT Phil says:

    I’ve thought for a while that Nylander would end up being traded. I’m going to guess that he’ll move to one of the teams he’s willing to play for and the Caps will agree to pay for part of his contract. If I recall, that’s a possibility as I think we ended up doing that with Jagr.
    Hell, he might end up part of a bigger trade package (like Kolzig to Toronto), but that’s obviously harder with his no-trade clause. However, after this year and how much he sat, I’m going to guess he’s going to be willing to move to a lot more teams. He’s a hockey player and wants the chance to play. If that’s not going to come in Washington then I’m going to guess he’ll want to move to a place where he will.

  9. Me says:

    McPee whines about penalties.
    Brucie whines about penalties.
    OV whines about penalties.
    Leonsis whines about penalties, states they’ve never has a power play in overtime (lie), also states there was a cap tripped during OT (lie, Semen clearly dove between two Pens), also states a Cap was interfered with (another lie, he turned and ran INTO a Pen, then fell back like he was shot).
    Brucie whines about Caps being hurt immediately after game 7 (ignoring hockey’s unspoken rule of not disclosing this type of info until the finals are over. When was it that the Pens released the info that Sid’s foot was broken? Yeah, JULY!)
    Fans whines every time the play is whistled offsides even though it’s clearly offsides (in their defense, probably less than .05% have ever laced them up)
    How ANY cap fan can say anything about Crosby asking the refs to get the game moving is beyond me after all that whining from you girls!
    Teddy has his people write programs that prevent non-DC area residents from purchasing tickets. Talk about being a prick! How fragile are Caps fans, anyway? Can’t take someone in your back yard, try selling out then.
    DC Caps cable channel is more biased than McCarthey was agianst the “reds.” Every goal is “lucky” or a “fluke.”
    DC news people are nothing but apologists, constantly calling for penalties when none are committed by the Pens.
    Here’s the deal, until all this excuse making, whining, finger pointing ends, the Caps will NEVER be a legit team. Nobody takes them seriously because they present themselves as phony. It comes from teh top down, Ted, McPee, Bruce, those guys are nothing but excuse makers. When’s the last time any of them shouldered any blame? Bruce got so outcoached, even at home, it wasn’t even funny. If Green’s hurt then why not call up someone who doesn’t stand behind his own net waiting for a Pen to come take the puck from him time and time again? If Semen is such a baby that he can’t forecheck because his vagina is sprained then bench him. Anyone notice Satan was out there? Yeah, he was filling in for the benched Sykora! THAT’S what coaches do, they coach. Bruce is a cheerleader, worse, he’s the manager of the cheerleaders. He makes nobody accept responsibility for their actions, or lack of actions. When asked about OV’s hit on Gonchar what did he do? He made it sound like Gonchar was at fault. When asked about Brashear’s hit on Betts as well as his classless and juvenile center-ice crap what did he say? Nothing bad about the Donald, that would be too much like coaching.
    The Caps have a decent team, but they’ll go nowhere because McPee is too busy trying to deflect criticism rather than working on getting a decent, hard nosed defenseman and a grinder to dig out the puck on dump-ins. So, enjoy this year, Craps fans, because I’ve been watching hockey for more than thrity-two years and I can say that without a doubt the Caps organization is not built to win, their front office isn’t the winning type, they’re built to do ok then fail in the playoffs to the superior team that takes responsibility for their faults and fixes them. That’s what the Pens did, they realized Valawhater was a hot goalie, so they parked Sid in front, stopped taking delayed shots and did one-timers instead, and let him eat the rebounds. It’s called being a champion, something teams like the Red Wings, Penguins, Hurricanes, and guys like Mario Lemieux, Mike Babcock, Ron Francis, Sidney Crosby, and others know about.
    Enjoy watching OV shoot more faked hole-in-ones, and to save you the time of replying I’ll tell you I won’t be returning to read it.

  10. Fresh says:

    @ Me
    Very appropriate name . I bet it is always about “me”. It takes as much to be a good winner as it does a sore loser. Your not very good at being either. Good luck with the Canes and check back with us after that series.

  11. JG284481-37-5 says:

    Found this on a Canes blog, a dose of reality, Scott Walker’s wife was apparently diagnosed with cancer

  12. Doc says:

    Well I agree 100 percent with Posted by me that the Caps Fans are in for a long haul that they ever have HIGH HOPES of ever going beyond the second round of grasping a hold of the STANLEY CUP !!!!!! Lets face it i have heard every excuse why they haven,t gone further than the second round but if the Caps learned anything why they LOST again to the Pens get some more talent on your team like the PENS do !!! Forget about OVIE he is a FLOATER not a hard worker like the Kid (sid) and also Green he is a waste of time!!

  13. .....#1 fan says:

    in response to “me” and “doc” Everyone is entilted to their opinion, but why would you bother posting that on a Caps site. You clearly dislike the team, so why don’t you post your opinions on the Pengins site. You talk about the Caps being whiners, and clearly that is exactly what you are. To say anything negative about Ovechkin with regards to hockey is nothing but ridiculous. I am not a huge fan of Sid Crosby, but i would definately say he is a great hockey player because as a Caps fan and the majority of Caps fans, we actually know hockey. I am guessing you were eating cheese when you typed that as your entire write up was nothing but a “wine”. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that you posted your “whining” on a Hurricanes site as well. Again, as a caps fan, who knows hockey, I can see that Pitsburgh is playing great hockey right now and as a team they deserve to be where they are right now, but my guess is that they don’t appreciate fans like you because you have not a real clue about hockey.
    To all Caps fans out there, there are alot of WINNING years ahead for this team and we’ll just have to put up with the WHINERS like “doc” and “me”.

  14. Patrick says:

    Truly the saddest part of those guys visiting a Caps site is that they won THIS time. When the Caps win in the near future, those two will not bother to come on here to take a full dose of their own medicine. I am a HUGE fan of the Caps and I will be here for years, win or lose. My first thirty-plus years have been bitter-sweet, I look forward to the next thirty-plus to have it’s share of ups an downs, hopefully more ups. Let the blowhards have their fun, “He who laughs last, laughs loudest!”
    Caps forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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