“The Save of the Playoffs”: Caps 3 / Pens 2

Victory Beer Toast

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2 Responses to “The Save of the Playoffs”: Caps 3 / Pens 2

  1. Junior says:

    Amazing game. That Varlamov save was something else, I but I hope Gabby had some words for Poti and Green for bungling the coverage on the Crosby/Kunitz criss-cross.
    Terrific win, but the Caps will have to be even better in game two. I don’t think that’s the best Pens game we’ll see – Malkin was mostly invisible until the 3rd, and dogging it defensively.

  2. JS in France says:

    I watched the game with my son via ESPN360.com since we live in the South of France. A computer plus a projector aimed at a blank wall makes for good hockey.
    In reading some of the Pittsburgh media outlets I do have a question for you to explore: why is it that whenever Crosby gets hit the Pens fans say someone’s ‘taking a run at him’. And why is it that whenever Ovechkin hits someone it’s because he’s ‘taking a run at him.’
    Geez, that seems weak on so many levels.

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