I Love New York

Whenever I see the New York Post, I can’t help thinking of the Public Enemy song.  And given the image below, they’re right on.  Only in NYC would you see a website that features top stories like these.  Farewell, New York.

(Image taken from Tuesday night’s New York Post homepage after the game.)

New York Post 4-28-09

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6 Responses to I Love New York

  1. dmg says:

    Yellow journalism: alive and kicking.

  2. Curtis says:

    Shirley Jones getting naked?

  3. Bill-DC says:

    All I think about when looking at Marty’s pic was poor David Puddy and “the Devilllllsssssssss!”

  4. Tyler says:

    That may be the greatest Post frontpage I’ve seen, since the “GOVERNATOR!”/”HERE COME DA JUDGE” issue. Also NYPD JEW is a classic.
    To be fair, Sportschick and Chuck D, they’re just giving Rangers fans some perspective. Next to Shirley Jones going topless, their team getting knocked out doesn’t seem too bad.

  5. redrockin says:

    check out comcast sportsnet’s coverage of the caps game

  6. WFY says:

    I love the NYC tabloids, I wish we had a newspaper like that in this town. That’s where the Wash. Times blew it, not going tabloid. Now, its too late. The Wash. Examiner doesn’t count either.

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