The Rare Instance When Beavers Spoil a Party

Thumbnail image for OFB MugYou’re probably wondering why we haven’t announced the winner of our Frozen Four identity challenge from last week. It’s simple: we didn’t have a winner. We had 127 submissions (thank you, all), and plenty of varied brackets. A lot of folks I thought selected creatively and thoughtfully, not just skating with the favorites (wasn’t a Regionals weekend for that, that’s for sure!). Plenty of folks correctly picked Boston University to make it to D.C. next week. A few adventurous puckheads even selected the Vermont Catamounts to punch their ticket for a view of our cherry blossoms. Two or three even went with Miami.

But no one thought there’d be Beavers coming to our frozen party. No one. I’m rooting for Bemidji and their glass Bauers next weekend! 

So, we still want to give away an OFB joe mug for this special hockey event, but we need a new challenge for our readers. How about you come at us with not only the finals participants next Saturday night but give us the correct score? Leave your prognosticating right below in the comments section.     

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29 Responses to The Rare Instance When Beavers Spoil a Party

  1. Andrew says:

    Bemidji over Boston, 5-3.

  2. Will says:

    BU over Bemidji State 4-2

  3. Robin says:

    Bemidji 4, Boston U 1

  4. Jen says:

    Miami 2, BU 1

  5. Brian says:

    I’ll go with BU over Miami(Ohio) 5-3.

  6. Jay_K says:

    Boston 3 Miami 2

  7. got stanley? says:

    I’ll go BU 3, Bemidji 4.

  8. Bill-DC says:

    Boston U 5
    Miami 4

  9. Mike Rannells says:

    BU 4, Miami 1

  10. Steve Lustbader says:

    BU 6, Bemidji 2

  11. Jerry says:

    BU 5, Miami 2

  12. Victor says:

    Bemidji 3, BU 2

  13. Boston U 2
    Miami 1

  14. Jessie says:

    Bemidji and Boston. Bemidji wins, 5-3 (woooo empty netter)

  15. Terrier01 says:

    BU over Miami, 4-1

  16. Brian says:

    BU 3
    Bemidji 2

  17. MulletMan says:

    Hey, no fair…my guess was already taken.

  18. mnhockeymom says:

    Bemidji 2
    BU 1

  19. Dave2and3 says:

    Vermont 3
    Miami 1
    why not…..

  20. DunnLoringDan says:

    BU 4, Miami 3

  21. vt caps fan says:

    5-4 Miami over BU in OT.

  22. Tess says:

    Boston over Miami 4-2

  23. Curtis says:

    Boston 3 Miami 0

  24. Joe U says:

    BU over Bemidji 4-3 (1st OT)

  25. passerby says:

    nice play on words in the title *sneakysneaky*

  26. Jon says:

    Vermont 4
    Miami 1

  27. Kelly says:

    Considering I’m traveling all the way from Bemidji to D.C. I have to go with my “Fighting Beavers” & pick BSU over BU by a score of 3-0. Our top line can’t be stopped, our goalie is hot & Bemidji State in the last two games has played almost flawless hockey.

  28. Frozen Four Mug Winner

    OFB recently had a contest to see who could accurately choose the Frozen Four’s finals participants and winning score. Out of all of the entries, only Dunn Loring Dan had the correct answer: BU 4, Miami 3

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