Brian Pothier’s Return To Glory

For much of this hockey season Caps’ defenseman Brian Pothier sat quite near what’s known as the “Blogger’s Ghetto” in the Verizon Center press box. I never approached him to ask any questions about his health and hockey hopes — to be blunt, the answers seemed too apparent and pessimistic. Obviously, there’s something special about Brian Pothier, and his story took a dramatic turn for the better in last night’s 5-3 win over Tampa: it was Potsy’s blast from the point that proved to be the game winner.   

This morning, the Masterton trophy seems very much within his reach.

Pothier’s teammate Alexander Semin was a press box attendee last night, where he chatted some while with coaches and officials from the Russian national team. During the second intermission Semin, while discussing Pothier, told SovetskySport’s Dmitry Chesnokov, “I really want him to score.” So too, it seemed, did the 18,000 in Verizon Center last night — their standing ovation seconds after Pothier’s shot hit the back of the net was one of the more memorable moments in the home rink this hockey season.

Pucksandbooks was able to get to Pothier in the post-game locker room before the rest of the media, and asked him just where among all the goals he’s scored in his NHL career last night’s stood.

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8 Responses to Brian Pothier’s Return To Glory

  1. Dirk Hoag says:

    Pothier’s return is a nice story; I’m guessing Steve Sullivan will make a strong case for the Masterton too, however!

  2. pucksandbooks says:

    Potsy’s story is a little bit more than “nice,” I think, Dirk. He suffered the most frightening and mysterious and threatening of injuries — to his head. Indeed, his ailment was so unusual and so well masked that it wasn’t properly diagnosed for nearly a year — this despite some of the best medical professionals in the world supervising him. His malady was such that for months he was unable even to play with his toddlers in his home. Can you imagine?
    Sullivan suffered a real bad back injury. It’s great to see him returned to the Preds’ lineup (he’s a tremendous player), but I’m not sure that on the scale of fright and novelty, his situation rises to Pothier’s.

  3. Doug says:

    Pothier, I understand is also a good solid Christian guy which makes the story even sweeter.

  4. Joseph Ratzinger says:

    I’d like him better if he was a swinger. Maybe he is. If he was into leather — now that would be SWEET.
    But best of all, I understand he’s a Wiccan, which means he’s in tune with the earth. I mean, lord knows your belief system makes your story sweeter.

  5. Doug says:

    It does, but by your comments, I doubt you would understand, but God Bless you anyway.

  6. this space for rent says:

    If he was Wiccan, I highly doubt he would ever be public about it. I was a practicing Wiccan through a lot of my 20’s (no longer active), and being public or in-your-face about your faith is highly discouraged. It’s not something you discuss with just anyone, and it’s not something you lay out for the media, both because of the amount of trouble it tends to cause with the ignorant and because it’s just not their business.
    I was so glad to see him score, though, and so glad to see him come back. I can’t wait to see who the Masterton nominees are next week.

  7. spinner33 says:

    it’s so wonderful that brian pothier has been able to return after all he’s been through! =D

  8. Jim says:

    Why on earth is someone’s story sweeter because they believe in the myth of a supernatural? I mean, by the same logic: Is his story sweeter because he drives a BMW? Or because he likes decaf coffee?!

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