A Russian Hockey Legend in Washington’s Russia House

WRC-TV this week passed along video of Lindsay Czarniak recently interviewing Sergei Fedorov at Washington’s Russia House, a favorite hangout of the Caps’ Russian players. For two of our bloggers, seeing a strikingly attractive blonde in a Russian restaurant with hockey as a backdrop had to evoke powerfully fond memories.

Feds here offers some interesting candor about the present state of the team. Give it a look.  

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9 Responses to A Russian Hockey Legend in Washington’s Russia House

  1. Zver Muzhik says:

    YES – playing “game in game out” at an elite level. We all know this is where the Caps are coming short at the moment.
    BTW, I love Russia House and recommend it to anyone in the area, if you are willing to overlook the occasional Nordic businessman trolling for hookers.

  2. Flying Cloud says:

    Thanks for this, OFB. He is my favorite athlete of all time.

  3. Mia says:

    You gotta love Sergei. Best player ever!
    Can someone put it on youtube?

  4. Jessie says:

    i LOVE feds. end of story. he’s great with the press, and it seems like he’d be great with fans too. very level-headed and exactly the kind of leader you want on your team

  5. pepper says:

    Thanks for posting this. Great to see Feds getting more of the local TV attention and respect that he deserves.

  6. a fan says:

    does ayone here know if sergei has a girlfriend?

  7. Juan-John says:

    Too much Sergei.
    Not enough Lindsay. 🙂

  8. OrderedChaos (Mike Rucki) says:

    A FAN: Don’t know about Feds’ current companions, though he’s certainly been seen with some beautiful women.
    He even has an entry in a site called “Who’s Dated Who”:

  9. Sergei Fedorov: Skating Free

    In March, Lindsay Czarniak sat down with Sergei Fedorov at The Russia House where they talked about the current state of the team. Yesterday, NBC4 aired more of that interview. This installment talked about Fedorov’s defection to the United States.

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