Why Old Time Hockey Won’t Catch Up with AO

Reactions to Ovi’s 50th goal celebration as flying in fast and furious on hockey’s most popular bloghundreds of them. The sound and the fury aligns really in just two camps: Sacre Bleu!, the celebration was an affront to all that is time-honored and revered in our great game (the one that never really has been able to sell in the lower 48); and Welcome to the 21st century and athlete as entertainer — what’s all the fuss about? 

But what’s most interesting to me within the vantage of the offended is their now long-standing admonition that by virtue of Ovi’s at times irrational exuberance, he’s really gonna get his one day.

That day just doesn’t seem to arrive, does it? Ever.

Last night, Tampa’s Lukas Krajicek, at 6 ‘2, 200, stood immediately behind Ovi as the celebration ensued . . .  and took it. And so did the rest of the ‘Bolts for the game’s following 50 minutes. Among the loudest of lamenters in the post game was Tampa coach Rick Tocchet, who professed himself grieviously aggrieved by the action. Well, he had two full intermissions to address the matter with his troops last night; I didn’t see much in the way of Old Time Hockey directed Ovi’s way, did you?

Hansons.jpgMaybe opponents’ reticence toward the Russian is related to their having been hit by Ovechkin, and an understandable concern of the speed of freight train no. 8 on its next delivery if the conductor is a little ornery. Toccket and his charges get a crack at righting their perceived wrong next Friday night here in D.C. Anyone think it’ll feature one of Tocchet’s longed-for “three-hour” first periods?       

Among my favorite reactions at Puck Daddy today: 

“Potential retribution”? Ovy’s 50th was in the _1st_ period, yes? The Bolts had over 50 minutes of ice time to exact their “retribution” — I saw nothing that looked remotely like it (and it’s not like they had anything _else_ to play for). Tocchet? All mouth and no team.” 

* * * 

“This latest AO post has a whiff of “holier than thou” attitude and Rick Tocchet’s opinion, that paragon of honor and good judgment, isn’t terribly persuasive. Like #19, I watched Ovechkin’s post-game interview and it’s pretty clear he’s of sound mind and knows the consequences of his actions. Like it or not, there’s at least one authentic personality in the NHL.”

* * * 

” . . .when you’re that badass you can do whatever you want.”

* * *

“Ovechkin is exactly what hockey needs. He is the only guy on the ice . . . home or away . . . who I watch fans of both teams leave their seats every time he touches the puck and admire his skill and ability . . . his personality makes him even better. For all those who say someone should retaliate, and he will get taken care of in Washington . . . or someone is going to hit him when he celebrates . . . no they arn’t. I have heard this said on numerous occasions this year, and what do I see when I tune into watch the next Capitals game: I see Ovechkin dishing out more hits than most defenseman and flying around the ice like he always does.”

* * *

“How can you not love a guy who wakes up in the morning and pisses excellence like he does. He’s the most talented player in hockey and has fun doing what he does. I can’t wait to see the celebration when he finally gets 93 in a year.”

* * * 

“I think it is time for someone to start celebrating the assists.” 

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9 Responses to Why Old Time Hockey Won’t Catch Up with AO

  1. Jim Turner says:

    I find it comical that all of these hockey traditionalists stick their heads up like moles whenever Alex Ovechkin is involved. They must be really angry because not only does Alex score in bunches but he lays the lumber to those good Ol’ Canadian boys every chance he gets. That must make the Don Cherry/Old time hockey crowd pretty angry indeed. Like you, I welcome them to the new age of hockey where enthusiasm is ok.

  2. Nonlinear says:

    I hate to be heretical, but…
    I love what he brings to the team, league, game. I think jumping into the boards and some of his other stuff that looks spontaneous is great.
    But, he’s really asking for it when he gets all Ocho Cinco. Pre-planning it is EXACTLY what is going to push some goon/cheap short artist to decide to take a run at him.
    Caps fans should remember what it felt like to have Dale Hunter be the face of the team in the wake of the Turgeon hit.
    OV can still be the man-boy loving the game and not go down this route. In baseball they call it bush league… He’s walking a fine line here.

  3. turquoise_donkey says:

    I completely agree. i was one of the many who defended him when crosby ran his mouth and then cherry getting all hot and bothered for the past couple weeks. but this is the sort of thing that gives the nay-sayers ammunition. and he totally deserves it. when i hear my football fan relatives praising this behavior as “something the league can sell” like ocho-cinco then that’s a huge red flag to the rest of us. back it off just a bit ovie. we love the glass crashing just fine.

  4. andy says:

    ovechkin in my opinion was justified in his celebration thursday night and was directed to the right person in mr.don cherry.want to talk about a slap in the face to ovechkin and every other player that plays the game just look at the allstar voting.do u really think all those habs players deserved to be starters or even be there.it was great to see the wings boycott the game and for one support them i just wished ovechken had done the same. bettman would have probably would have suspended him for 32 games. speaking of 32 game suspension wasn’t that dale hunter punishment for a cheap shot and ur right ov will get his oneway or another goals that is because he has a passion,respect and love for the game of hockey and loves to score and see his team mates score just as much. poll at nhl.com 56%in favor thats a majority.can cherry.

  5. andy says:

    i couldn’t agree more. been watching hockey for 40 years and glad to see the new hockey for one.in the old days it was those who could hold,obstruct,interfere, hook and out goon the other team was the victor in most cases.if cherry want complain about something how about the refs.

  6. Andrew says:

    I’m not a huge fan of planned celebrations, but it was a milestone so I’ll give him some latitude.
    The more interesting issue to me is how OV has managed to seriously erode Cherry’s position. Cherry has always been controversial, but players and commentators usually gave him a certain level of respect if just out of fear. Now you have OV who is willing to say “I don’t care what he says” and the NHL on the Fly guys saying “don’t worry about Cherry.” I think Cherry realizes it, too, because his “response” a few weeks ago was very defensive.
    That seems like the real story to me.

  7. anonymous says:

    Surprised Cherry hasn’t tried promoting Green as more valuable than Ovechkin, at least this season. Maybe that’s too legit (close and could go either way). No he can’t because Greener was one of the guys who encouraged Ovie to do that celebration.
    Don’t these guys realize that you can’t get back at Ovechkin without doing something illegal? Anything else will just motivate him more, as we saw in his second 4 goal, 1 assist performance in that 5-4 OT win over Montreal last season.

  8. hackhamster says:

    If G8 is “asking for it”, I’m wondering if the refs will be on the lookout for some non-spontaneous goonery vs. Ovie in the next few games? Maybe some coaches will be hesitant to uphold the honor of their virginal daughter, I mean the game of hockey, if it means unleashing the Caps PP.

  9. ThunderWeenie says:

    Ok, guys, I’ll preface my comment by saying that I love this blog and the people who put it together every day. (OrderedChaos is a good friend of mine.)
    I also think that Alex Ovechkin is the best thing to happen to hockey in the lat 20 years. You have to be on flippin’ Mars not to see that.
    And yet…I still INTENSELY disliked that celebration. It was embarrassing, and worthy of neither the game nor of Ovechkin himself. This helps sell tickets? Horse poop. If audiences are so disinterested in hockey that only theatrics like this keep them entertained, the game is even more trouble than I thought.
    And come on, guys, be honest. If Ovechkin played for any other team, there is no way any of you would be defending his behaviour. No way. You all know I’m right.
    OK, that’s it, I’m done. Have at it! 😉

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