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Meet Herb Driscoll of America’s Heartland, Eyewitness to the Miracle on Ice

Framed in the living room of his St. Albans, Missouri, home are tickets Herb Driscoll and business associates used to attend a very special hockey game in Lake Placid, New York, on February 22, 1980. That Driscoll made it inside the Olympic hockey arena that fateful Friday night is a small miracle in itself. Continue reading

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Sing Along with Ted

If you’ve been an OFB reader for some time, you know our feelings on yelling “O” during the anthem. Ted Leonsis has made a request via his blog, Ted’s Take:
We are now asking and encouraging our fans to SING the National Anthem at Capitals games. Continue reading

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When History Can Be Viewed by All

A Washington Post photo Friday of Alexander Ovechkin in triumph moments after his latest heroic score included in its caption the note that the goal had garnered “more than 100,000 YouTube views.” Indeed it has.
More than a million, in fact. Easily. Continue reading

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Introduced This Week in Person to the Shootout, Count Me as a Fan

I have been watching hockey since I moved back from England in the second grade — some 15 years now — and I have been to dozens and dozens of NHL hockey games, but prior to this past Wednesday night, I had never seen a shootout in person. Sure I have seen them on T.V., and I have been in a hometown sweater in overtime in both Washington and Detroit, but the shootout was something I had never gotten to be a part of in person.
The Verizon Center was buzzing Wednesday night, which is nothing new this season, but it seemed to me to take on an extra special atmosphere after the 5-minute extra session. It was perhaps the loudest I have ever heard the Phone Booth, rivaling perhaps only the first game of last year’s playoffs. The Sea of Red was on its feet, in unison, and there wasn’t a single fan seemingly who wasn’t screaming encouragement for the home team at the top of his lungs. Continue reading

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PSAs from pucksandbooks

We got this passed along to us late this week: a request from a reporter wondering if anyone does anything special or unique on trade deadline day (beyond clicking refresh on as we all do at work.) Anyone take that day off and stay home listening to XM? Or any other act of nervous devotion? If you do, and if you’d be interested in potentially sharing your story with a member of the media, drop us a line at Continue reading

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Ovechkin: Cover Boy

Ovechkin: Cover Boy Continue reading

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Comcast’s Winter Gift to Its Customers

For those not subscribed to NHL’s Center Ice, Comcast’s free preview of the channel continues for digital cable subscribers through Sunday, February 22. Some terrific games are slated for the next three days, so be sure to check it out. Continue reading

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#7 and #1 for #8

Here are the top 10 goals of the year through yesterday. Continue reading

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The Hype Machine is Rolling

NBC rolled out two promos for Sunday’s Caps/Pens game. Continue reading

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Ovechkin: “I have my own museum at home. It needs exhibits too”

A number of interesting topics are addressed in Alexander Ovechkin’s latest interview with Pavel Lysenkov and SovetskySport, which took place last night after Ovechkin had addressed North American media and will be published tomorrow. Our friend Dmitry Chesnokov passed along a translation to us this afternoon. Among other topics, Alex shares his thoughts on just how special his goal against Montreal last night was, and on Mike Green’s donating his record-breaking hockey stick to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Continue reading

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