Alex the Great vs. Sid the Kid Round 3 – Round Goes to Ovechkin

One of the many story lines coming out of Sunday’s victory over the Penguins was the fiery rivalry between Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby. For the first time the rivalry between the two became physical. Along with their rivalry Bruce Boudreau also discussed the Caps’s rivalries with the two Pennsylvania teams.

This is what Ovechkin had to say about Crosby after the 5-2 victory:

Alex Ovechkin: “He’s a good player[Crosby] but he talks too much. I play hard, if he wants to do something like hit me again, he can try to hit me and then not talk to you guys about who plays dirty.”

Comcast’s Lisa Hillary: “So that’s what he’s saying — you’re taking cheap shots?”

Alex: “No, it was not a cheap shot, it was a game moment in a normal game. If he doesn’t like it it’s his problem.”

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11 Responses to Alex the Great vs. Sid the Kid Round 3 – Round Goes to Ovechkin

  1. Drew says:

    Ovechkin is 100% correct that it’s a hockey moment. Crosby is coasting and looking back into the zone, Ovi has speed and looking for a change. If he nudged him in passing, it’s identical to at-the-bench jostling that occurs 10 times a game. Change even one of the players and no one bats an eye.
    But Crosby? He takes it as a personal affront.
    Also, add Crosby to the short list of NHL “captains” who can’t contain their personal feelings about Ovechkin, to include Mike Richards.

  2. TG says:

    What I thought was most interesting about the run-in between OV and Crosby is that when Ovechkin got on the bench, everyone is pounding him on the back, while no one does anything similar with Crosby.
    It’s clear that the Penguins players really like Malkin. I don’t get the same sense with Crosby.
    Not that it’s anything like this, but you sort of wonder if it’s turning into a Barry Bonds type thing where it’s clear he’s a great player, and can do a lot for the team, but that no one really likes him and they just sort of tolerate him rather than embrace him.
    The other thing I noticed is that it seems like Crosby isn’t comfortable being “Sidney Crosby”.

  3. Lee (PTO) says:

    I’m hoping for a Ryan Leaf blow-up at the end of the season when the Pens have been officially eliminated from playoff contention!
    The hit itself could’ve been MUCH worse, just ask Daniel Briere, Sid.
    To be fair, though, I’m not sure it was wise for Sid to accept as much publicity as he has. OV had some extra time to thicken his skin (aside from local coverage) and we’ve yet to see how he reacts to adversity the way Crosby’s had to. Very interesting note, TG, that no one seems to have Sid’s back on the bench while all the Capitals are behind OV. Give him the “C” already, it’s clear to me that even with a language barrier, he’s the true leader of the Caps. No slight against Clarkie, but c’mon… OV knows enough English to get under Sid’s craw, eh?

  4. Is Crosby really the new face of the NHL? I hope not, the more I hear and (lately) see – A lot of whining and cheap hits (some might call them fights) I don’t think he has what it takes to really lead anything – at least not right now.
    Obviously the Pens made a mistake making him captain far too early, but maybe Bettman has made a far worse mistake putting all of the NHL’s marketing behind him as well. This is becoming clearer as the NHL is more and more international in scope.

  5. Shirl says:

    As far as I’m concerned, I wrote Crosby off the moment I saw him punching the crap out of that guy’s bits *FROM BEHIND* while he was in a fight with another penguin.
    That was a tacky, classless, opportunistic, back-stabby bit of nonsense right there.
    Ovie would never ever do such a thing.

  6. nadir says:

    Even some of the Pens fans that post on Pensblog think that Crosby is a whiner. They all say he should shut up and stand up for himself. But when he does, he sucker punches a guy in the ‘nads and the back of the head in one instance and then totally mugs a guy right off a face off that didn’t want to fight him.
    Both instances make him look really bad. He may be a great hockey player, but he has some growing up to do and living with Mario is not a step in the right direction. It will only server to make him more of a complainer and cheap shot artist.
    I think you can tell the team is much better behind Malkin by the way the team played last year when Crosby was out injured. Pens played a better game and they seemed to be having more fun.

  7. THA DON says:

    Alex Ovechkin is a great player, maybe the best in the NHL right now, I am OK with his excitement when he or his team scores a goal, he’s fun to watch, but it is totally uncalled for when a player like him taunts his opponent afterwards or takes cheap shots and head hunts opposing players. Skating by the opposing team’s bench running his mouth or bumping a guy while they are skating towards the bench after a goal or making taunting gestures from his bench to the opposing team after the game is out of reach should be beyond a player of his caliber and stature in the league. He is classless. I do not recall even one time Sid or any other Penguins player taunted the Great 8 or his team over the last 3 previous years when the Pens totally owned the Caps and Ovechkin. Also, I think somebody needs to tell Alex about the barbershops/salons and razor blades we have here in the U.S., apparently he has never heard of such things.
    Has anyone ever seen The Caps coach Bruce Budreau and Mickey Rooney in the same room together? I think not….

  8. Bart says:

    I think Sid is a fraud. He’s a good player and he might be a good captain when his team is winning. When the team is losing and he can’t play his game he’s a cry baby.
    The media applaud him as a professional and a calming influence…he talks so well during interviews. At least 4 times this season at a post game interview his quotes have been incongruous with his play. He talks about getting cheap shots when he is Mr. Cheap-Shot (See: Rangers, Maple Leafs).
    He seems like he’s losing his bench. I wonder if he’ll lose his C?

  9. If he loses the “C” prime minister Bettman will send in shock troops to fix that.

  10. Johnny says:

    There is a reason we call him “Cry-Baby Crosby”

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