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We got this passed along to us late this week: a request from a reporter wondering if anyone does anything special or unique on trade deadline day (beyond clicking refresh on as we all do at work.) Anyone take that day off and stay home listening to XM? Or any other act of nervous devotion? If you do, and if you’d be interested in potentially sharing your story with a member of the media, drop us a line at

This weekend brings the anniversary of the Miracle on Ice. I’m working on a really fun and I think special file for it. If you’re a Facebooker, and a patriot, you may be interested in lending your profile to the Inaugural National Miracle on Ice Day effort there, the aim of which is to make February 22 a federal holiday — no work, no school “so we can be reminded of one of the most historic events in modern history.”

No argument coming from me on that count.

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4 Responses to PSAs from pucksandbooks

  1. Dominik says:

    Ha, I don’t know if it’s a nervous tick, but I associate the Trade Deadline with Girl Scout samoa cookies, and vice versa (can’t eat them without thinking of the deals).
    Because the deadline has generally come right after the GS delivered their cookies, and I’ve spent several deadlines in a row mowing through a box while waiting for that blockbuster deal that rarely comes.

  2. vt caps fan says:

    Everyone was shocked that I was so quietly working my tail off, ate my packed lunch at my desk (I was prepared) and didn’t talk to anyone the entire day. If they asked what was wrong with me I just told them I was ‘working against the deadline’.
    In reality I just sat at my desk listening to the radio feed I found (I think it was XM – but it was out of Canada and it was awesome). I barely did any work. I think my F5 button (to refresh) is still jammed. But when a trade happened you better believe I was posting on the OF-Boards/Tarik’s blog and emailing my brother instantly.
    And I plan on doing the same thing this deadline.

  3. Katie32 says:

    I play the dentist appointment card. Its an agreement I have with my boss (who, luckily, is a huge hockey fan) and its worked the last two years (thankfully there aren’t many hockey fans in our building, or people might catch on). We claim that I have to get a cavity filled or a root canal in the morning and that I won’t be in in the afternoon because my mouth will be numb and I won’t be able to answer my phone or talk to people and that I’ll be in pain. So I wake up and walk out to the couch and turn on the NHL network and watch all the buzz and rumors. Around 10:30 am I turn on my laptop and “work from home” with the NHL network right in front of me. I still answer work-related emails, but at the same time, I’m in front of the TV and have full internet access (not the limited access at work). Even better, I’m not expected to answer my phone (unless of course, its my boss, wanting to know about blockbuster trades).
    Am I a bad person?

  4. Caps Kremlin says:

    Last trade deadline I was working and receiving updates via text message. This time I’ll be trying to provide some coverage as a blogger while celebrating four years with my girlfriend. Love or hockey? Here’s to meshing both.

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