Is Ovechkin The Coolest?

ESPN is gathering data for its “State of the Sports Union,” a 2009 survey of sports fans. Hockey makes a few appearances among the 50 questions, but Washington’s own Alexander Ovechkin is one of the choices for #35: “Who is the coolest person in sports?”

Ovechkin stands in sixth place on the 15-person list at the moment . . . comfortably ahead of 14-place Sidney Crosby, but well behind LeBron James, Tiger Woods, and Tom Brady. Head on over to the survey and vote Ovie up a few notches.

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4 Responses to Is Ovechkin The Coolest?

  1. Question 51) Did this survey include too many question about NFL?
    It obviously isn’t for Europeans…

  2. Mike says:

    Ovi is now tied for 5th. And Crosby is last 🙂

  3. odessasteps says:

    Seemed like most of the hockey questions were about fighting.

  4. Greg S. says:

    He’s down to 9th now. Crysby is still dragging up the rear in 15th.

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