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Beagle Beatdown

Oh there was legitimate and serious hockey taking place over the weekend — like at Hershey’s Giant Center. That’s where Manchester Monarch Joe Piskula’s face met Jay Beagle’s fist. Repeatedly. Note that the Bears were wearing red Capitals’ sweaters Saturday night. Continue reading


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More Honors for Gabby

Characteristically terrific coverage from the Patriot News’ Tim Leone of Bruce Boudreau’s induction into the American Hockey League Hall of Fame on Monday in Worcester, Mass.
“Without the AHL, I would be nothing,” Boudreau said. “For the better part of 30 years, I’ve either coached, played or been affiliated with a team in the AHL. It’s been a very big and important part of my life.
“Except for [Atlanta Thrashers head coach] John Anderson, who I knew before I went to the AHL, every lifelong friend I’ve got has come from playing in the AHL. So the memories abound.”
Bears’ General Manager Doug Yingst was in attendance, radio play-by-play voice John Walton added his voiceover skills to the proceedings, and Bears’ head coach Bob Woods was on hand to guide the Canadian team in the league’s All Star game, which featured Bears’ skaters Chris Bourque, Alexandre Giroux, Bryan Helmer, and Keith Aucoin. Very much a Hershey family affair. Continue reading

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“Inside Hockey” with Alex Ovechkin

I would have posted this last night, but the CBC doesn’t allow for embeding their videos. It’s now on YouTube so we’re able to bring it to you. A good spotlight on our lone representative at the All-Star Game who says he’s going to try to break Wayne Gretzky’s 92 goals in a season. Continue reading

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An All-Star Game That Lacks Shine, Substance, and Meaning

For those of you who consume All-Star weekend as the league would have you (uncritically, with all the vapid non-demands of substance characteristic of reality television viewers), remind me why my ignoring it in its entirety is a shortcoming? What is it exactly I’m missing? Continue reading

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A View of AO from the North

Here’s the full Breakaway Challenge as seen on the CBC. Continue reading

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AOs Breakaway Challenge

During the Breakaway Challenge, Alexander Ovechkin first tried to recreate “The Goal”.  He attempted a few other shots which paled in comparison to his finale.  Words can’t describe it, so watch it here: Continue reading

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Cutiepie Goalie Seeks National Crown: Pageant Open Thread

Good luck, Tara.

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It’s Pond Hockey Time

ESPN’s Jim Caple recently listed the sporting events he would most like to see, one for each month in 2009. His entry for January started today:
U.S. Pond Hockey Championships, Minneapolis (Jan. 23 to Jan. 25)
The interesting thing about Minnesota is that in the 80-degree sunshine of summer you can go inside to watch baseball (and be sure to catch the Twins’ final season in the Metrodome this year), and during the depths of winter you can brave 30-below temps to watch hockey outside. The annual U.S. Pond Hockey Championships started in 2006 and have grown to include 248 teams competing for the coveted Golden Shovel (players are occasionally required to shovel snow from the 25 rinks). Past competitors include NHL vets Brian Bellows and Mike Crowley, as well as Gov. Tim Pawlenty. It’s amateur sports at its best — that is, plenty of beer, which we can only assume will be cold. Continue reading

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Another One Bites the Dust

Another year, another All-Star Game, another round of no-shows. James Duthie of the Ottawa Citizen had something to say about that:
Strange, isn’t it, that every season, right before the All-Star game, a few stars suddenly pull groins or tweak knees or develop some other unknown “upper-body injury” (Loose eyelash? Pimple? Belly-button lint accumulation?) Medical researchers really need to explore this phenomenon, known as AllStaritis.
No, I’m not talking about Sidney Crosby, who may pull out of the game. Crosby wants to go, but is being talked out of it by doctors and Penguins management. Continue reading

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On Frozen Pod Episode 2 – Bon Voyage to Las Vegas Miss Virginia

On Frozen Pod comes at you again, this time in the company of a Miss America contestant, Tara Wheeler, Miss Virginia 2008, moments before she boarded her plane to Las Vegas. The pageant will air on Saturday night on TLC. Of course we don’t know if Tara will win the title. We just know no other contestant will have as good a glove hand. Continue reading

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