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IDEA Awards For Good Ideas

The Washington Capitals won two 2009 Golden Matrix awards from the Information Display and Entertainment Association (IDEA). Game Entertainment Director Scott Brooks (read more about my behind-the-scenes visit with Brooks and his team), game entertainment coordinator Rachel Becker, and the BASE Productions team took home Best In-Game Feature for the video “Inked” and Best Show Open for the video “Rock the Red.” Continue reading

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Kolzig Done?

Lightning backup Olie Kolzig will have surgery on Saturday to repair a ruptured distal biceps tendon in his left forearm. Continue reading

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Another Non-Southeast Game To Remember, and When Did We Become Snow Wussies?

That game last night had the feel of a tilt between Eastern conference finalists, didn’t it? Three games now between these teams, nos. 1 and 2 in the East, and excepting a single empty net goal they’ve been one-goal affairs. The Bs surely missed Phil Kessel last night (his breakthrough season, joined by Zach Parise’s stud season, is bolstering the outlook of the Americans for Vancouver in 2010). You could see the Caps’ coaching staff trying to circumvent the Bruins’ clogged neutral zone with 80- and 100-foot stretch passes. It’s just that none really connected. It was a terrific tactical showdown. Continue reading

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Beagle Beatdown

Oh there was legitimate and serious hockey taking place over the weekend — like at Hershey’s Giant Center. That’s where Manchester Monarch Joe Piskula’s face met Jay Beagle’s fist. Repeatedly. Note that the Bears were wearing red Capitals’ sweaters Saturday night. Continue reading

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More Honors for Gabby

Characteristically terrific coverage from the Patriot News’ Tim Leone of Bruce Boudreau’s induction into the American Hockey League Hall of Fame on Monday in Worcester, Mass.
“Without the AHL, I would be nothing,” Boudreau said. “For the better part of 30 years, I’ve either coached, played or been affiliated with a team in the AHL. It’s been a very big and important part of my life.
“Except for [Atlanta Thrashers head coach] John Anderson, who I knew before I went to the AHL, every lifelong friend I’ve got has come from playing in the AHL. So the memories abound.”
Bears’ General Manager Doug Yingst was in attendance, radio play-by-play voice John Walton added his voiceover skills to the proceedings, and Bears’ head coach Bob Woods was on hand to guide the Canadian team in the league’s All Star game, which featured Bears’ skaters Chris Bourque, Alexandre Giroux, Bryan Helmer, and Keith Aucoin. Very much a Hershey family affair. Continue reading

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“Inside Hockey” with Alex Ovechkin

I would have posted this last night, but the CBC doesn’t allow for embeding their videos. It’s now on YouTube so we’re able to bring it to you. A good spotlight on our lone representative at the All-Star Game who says he’s going to try to break Wayne Gretzky’s 92 goals in a season. Continue reading

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An All-Star Game That Lacks Shine, Substance, and Meaning

For those of you who consume All-Star weekend as the league would have you (uncritically, with all the vapid non-demands of substance characteristic of reality television viewers), remind me why my ignoring it in its entirety is a shortcoming? What is it exactly I’m missing? Continue reading

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