MVP! MVP! Capitals 4, Wings 2

Victory Beer Toast

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7 Responses to MVP! MVP! Capitals 4, Wings 2

  1. Just saw the highlights.
    -Ville Leino’s first NHL goal was the prettiest first NHL goal I’ve ever seen.
    -Eric Fehr is getting snake-bitten to no end. It happened to Trevor Linden when he wore that number on this team too. I’m just sayin’…
    -Nylander’s trying to make a case to stay. If there’s anyone I’d trade away now, it would (unfortunately) have to be Chris Clark.
    -Looking at the score sheet. Too many penalties beginning with the letter H.
    -Was it just the FSN Detroit feed that they used for the highlights, or was Verizon Center much louder than usual?

  2. Jessie says:

    verizon center WAS insane loud…unfortunately, however, it was mostly because of the red wings fans.
    leino’s goal was gorgeous, well timed; it was amazing to see that kid’s patience with the puck, and obviously it paid off for him
    my favorite moments of the game: backstrom’s falling down pass that lead to green’s goal, jurcina’s EXCELLENT one timer, ovi turning a potentially deadly error (missing kozlov’s pass) into his first goal of the game, and theo’s amazing save on the doorstep in the 3rd
    my favorite game of the year!

  3. vt caps fan says:

    Really fun game to watch. A few notes on my end:
    Tom Poti – welcome back. He makes our D better. Cool calm and collected veteran leadership is always needed. (now imagine if we could get Poti and Alzner on the team at the same time? CRAZINESS)
    Fehr – ehh.
    Leino’s goal – SIMPLY AMAZING. If that’s not one of the top 10 goals of the year, I don’t know what is.
    Semin – Please go back to the way you played the first 2 weeks of the season. I like that dominate player — he played Defense and forechecked. I miss him.
    Crowd – It was almost a playoff atmosphere. Well done. (Detroit wont get that many people in the stands IF we play them in the playoffs – but 1 game at a time…)
    JT60 – There is no more argument in my eyes he is our #1 goalie, hands down.
    Detroit – They are one fun team to watch. That’s a well oiled machine. I don’t care that that they have a losing streak, they are good.
    Ovie – M.V.P. (again)

  4. patrick says:

    “verizon center WAS insane loud…unfortunately, however, it was mostly because of the red wings fans.”
    ???? Really??
    If this is so, then I think that the Caps fans who were there need to step it up a notch!! Cowbells, horns, whistles, thundersticks, anything you can use to drown the visitors out!! Being the loudest rink in the league is excellent bragging rights. Certainly, it would be a title to covet.
    Please do not save your voice for work in the morning! Not only does our team feed off of it, but they relish it. Every time AO smiles, he’s smiling at you, the rowdy fan that is fist-pumping and screaming him full of adrenaline. Nobody likes to celebrate like a highly skilled player that feels the love pounding in the rafters.
    LET’S GO CAPS!!!!

  5. Francisco says:

    just a note that the Ovi’s power play goal came just seconds after the “UNLEASH THE FURY” video/cheer had finished and the phone booth has rocking the red at that moment like i have never seen it before.
    it was imo the loudest i have heard the place since the playoffs last spring.
    this was a fabulous game.

  6. this space for rent says:

    I wouldn’t say that it was the Wings fans that were the source of all the noise. Fairer to say that we didn’t say that much until they did, and then we shouted them down. Only in the third were we simply drowning them out on our own.
    I had the impression that the Wings fans were stunned by the Unleash the Fury (and indeed, that was a mighty one).

  7. this space for rent says:

    On the subject of Unleash the Fury – I wonder if other teams have left the Verizon Center thinking “We need one of those.”

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