AO, Caps Reach 30 Goals, Wins: Caps 2 / Isles 1 OT

Victory Beer Toast

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11 Responses to AO, Caps Reach 30 Goals, Wins: Caps 2 / Isles 1 OT

  1. Gustafsson says:

    It should also be noted that AO scored the game winner in OT (his 31st) and this Caps team reached 30 wins the fastest in team history.

  2. MulletMan says:

    it should also be noted that both goals were scored on the Power Play…both served by Witt.

  3. zelda says:

    That game was way too close for comfort! Glad AO pulled out the overtime game winner. Let’s hope they sharpen up for the Ottawa game. Theo, by the way, was looking good and deserved to have a shutout on this one.

  4. Mellyville9 says:

    Still unsure how that amazing pass by Semin went tape to tape with Ovy. Cant see where it went thru but who cares it won the game.

  5. Gustafsson says:

    Ah.. .good point MulletMan.
    Thanks Brendan!

  6. Wings_brazil says:

    Nice to see this happening. Not so long ago people said that Ovie was wasting his career, after signed that long contract.

  7. Jessie says:

    i breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when that pp goal went in in ot…because the only caps who played a respectable game were theo, brooksy, and alzner. it’s unfortunate that a young team is so prone to being great or horrible depending on who they’re playing. it seems that they often play lazily when playing teams below them in the rankings, maybe because they don’t think putting up a fight will be necessary? i’m not sure. i love this team, and when they play the same game against the islanders as they do against the bruins, i will finally feel like they have really come full circle

  8. this space for rent says:

    I understand, but you can’t play playoff hockey every night, that’s a recipe for burnout. I don’t expect that kind of game every single night for the rest of the regular season. Did they screw up? You bet, but they pulled it out. Remember that this is a back-to-back for them, and that good teams find a way to win even when they don’t have a good game. I think it’s good that they have something left in the tank and a little kick in the tail to take to Ottawa with them.
    Here’s hoping for two more points!

  9. Victor says:

    SfR, what’s frustrating isn’t that they’re not playing playoff hockey, what’s frustrating is they’re not playing consistent hockey. To rephrase what Jessie said, they play to the level of their opponent, and while giving the Isles one point won’t matter at all, should the Caps play down to the level of Carolina or Florida–teams we should blow away–risks (an effective) four-point swing should the Caps play, “Meh, whatever,” hockey.

  10. Jessie says:

    yep, that’s precisely what i meant 🙂
    every team has its shortcomings. the caps’ most glaring one tends to be inconsistency. in a way it’s nice because at least we know they DO HAVE what it takes, sometimes it just takes them a while to pull it out. they will eventually get there though, i have faith, and when they do, the rest of the league won’t stand a chance

  11. hockeygrl76 says:

    Lets remember too that this is a young team so they are going to be inconsistent…that’s just the nature of the beast. I think we can all take pride though that they are progressing in leaps and bounds.

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