Boudreau’s Reactions

Coach Bruce Boudreau took questions and reacted to the Capitals 5-2 loss to Edmonoton last night.

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2 Responses to Boudreau’s Reactions

  1. fauxrumors says:

    1) At what point does the media/fans start to lay some responsibility on the coach? Should the honeymoon be over? The PK hasn’t improved since Hanlon, yet the PK strategy hasn’t changed.
    2) If the team isn’t ready to compete, as it hasn’t in 3 of their past 4 games who should get the blame?
    3)At this ‘after game conference’ he gives reasons for the loss, but gives no indication of what changes he can/will do, or calls out a specific player(s). Who wasn’t “mucking it up” enough?
    4) They are now close to healthy, yet does anyone reasonably see this team as a true Cup contender? Geez, they’d lose to Columbus if the Jackets made the Finals. SJ/Detroit/Calgary would be ugly!

  2. Xylar77 says:

    I don’t suppose you’ve noticed, but instead of being a cellar-dweller NHL team, The Caps are top-5 in points. When did this turnaround occur…? So do we castigate the guy who has brought nothing but success because we hit a three game losing streak?
    To wit:
    1)a.when the coach is no longer effective.
    b. no
    c. I would say that switching to a faster, more O-minded PK is certainly a change. It’s not where it needs to be yet, but it’s gotten us 57 points
    2) Players. BB has a system that has been shown to work in 27/44 games. One 3-game losing streak does not an ineffective coach make.
    3)The players called themselves out. When that happens, the coach can save his public humiliation tactics for when players don’t “get it.”
    4)a. Most people outside of DC (and more than a few in DC in an honest moment) don’t see this Caps team getting a Cup this year. Anything can happen, and that’s why we watch. And cheer. I think it could be considered a good year if we go “deep” in the playoffs.
    b. The West has given us problems this year. But if things come together enough for the Caps to get to the finals, I imagine we’d be playing a bit differently at that point. Or, we relive the ’98 drubbing we took from Detroit.

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