Washington / Edmonton Open Thread

In honour of the Washington Capitals’ salute to the Canadian Military, we’re posting a picture of the Canadian and American flags.

Canadian & American Flag

If you’re not at the game, stop by and comment away.

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10 Responses to Washington / Edmonton Open Thread

  1. Jessie says:

    so were those goals theo or defense? Cause this score after the 1st period is kind of disheartening…

  2. VT Phil says:

    This is horrible. Can we call up all of Hersey?

  3. Jessie says:

    well at least theo made some effort on that last goal, all d. Also, anyone notice that the blue line was better pre green’s return? Alzner remains the only defensive bright spot, and he can’t do this alone. P.s. Since when is high sticking a 4 minute penalty?

  4. NS2NOVA says:

    When the injured player rubs his nose hard enough to make it bleed.

  5. NS2NOVA says:

    And Alzner finally gets his first NHL penalty. Wonder what he gets to put on his mantle to remember it?

  6. NS2NOVA says:

    Well, that just sucked. Bench the whole team, send them down and call up the Bears for tomorrow night.

  7. Jessie says:

    so mad. so so so mad. they’re so much better than this.

  8. Beautiful…and the Penguins won tonight too.
    I’ll be at the Igloo tomorrow for the Pens/Caps…they have 21 hours to turn this around.
    I’m flirting with the idea of (finally) blogging from the game, but I’m not sure if I can do so from my iPhone seamlessly (unless a WordPress app exists).

  9. MulletMan says:

    Why does this game surprise everyone so much? The Caps are 5-8 against Western Conference Teams (unless my calculations are off). The Caps are for some reason not playing their game when they are playing out of Conference.
    Last Monday, I told a friend that I was more worried about the Blue Jackets then the Flyers. Hell, we lost both games to the Blue Jackets this season by three goals.
    I think we’ll be fine against the Pens tomorrow night and this loss tonight may just light the fire that is needed to get the lamp burning bright behind Fleury.
    I still believe….

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