ASG Roster Announced, Caps Fans Underwhelmed

Gary Bettman (Courtesy of Barry Melrose Rocks)With the release of the Eastern Conference roster for this year’s NHL All-Star Game, one thing is clear: the NHL is clueless.  Yes, we already knew that, but it’s a sad day when robo-voting wins out over actual, you know, talent.  Good for the Bruins, who managed to get three representatives in thanks to the NHL’s hockey operations department, but isn’t it sad that it came to that?  The NHL claimed to have addressed the robo-voting issue, but they obviously didn’t do anything, considering that the Canadiens still have four representatives in the game- all starters.

Is technology too challenging for the league’s front office?  Maybe that’s why they’ve been slow to accept blogs as a media presence.  Then again, we’re talking about an organization headed by a guy for whom spelling “BOOBS” on a calculator is a major technological achievement.

The NHL All-Star Game has long been irrelevent, but this year’s exhibition has proven that the league has a long way to go to show that the ASG is worthy of fans’ attention.  Personally, I think that Boycott the NHL All-Star Game has a good idea.

I love this image. Thanks, Barry Melrose Rocks.

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11 Responses to ASG Roster Announced, Caps Fans Underwhelmed

  1. macvechkin says:

    I’m all for it, although the trade-off is that anything involving Facebook makes one inherently dumber.

  2. muddapucker says:

    The NHL approach to the All-Star game is just about the dumbest approach ever…
    1) Balloting is a joke. Set your scripts up and watch the system be manipulated.
    2) Fans are blinded by loyalty. Heck they even voted in some no name from Vancouver a couple years ago… Big Joke!
    3) The NHL is losing its base of loyal fans who aren’t going to watch a dumb game that has no defense and whose players are there through manipulation and/or are purely a representative of some franchise.
    4) Its not an All Star game. Don’t call it that! Call it the NHL Special game or something, but its not comprised of entirely All Stars. Some all stars, certainly, but definitely not all. Its kind of like having one foot in boiling water and one foot in ice cold water and saying that its comfortable. Its not an all star game unless the players are truly all stars.
    5) Which is why I am not going to watch it. My time will be better spent watching Law and Order. Bettman can take his “Special Game” and enjoy it while those of us that consider it bogus watch Lenny and McCoy. (Hope I haven’t seen it!) I will conduct my personal boycott, not because I am political but because its not worth watching.

  3. this space for rent says:

    I’m debating. I’ll pass on the links for those interested but am undecided on whether to participate myself.

  4. odessa steps magazine says:

    watch the AHL All-Star game instead.
    Plenty of Bears in that one.

  5. Grooven says:

    Good. So no one goes. That’s fine. Everyone can use the rest I’m sure. Heal some aches. Spend a bit of downtime with family.

  6. Paul says:

    This year is the biggest joke. Noone who is a member of the best 4 teams in the NHL has any starters. And certainly the reigning MVP deserves a starting spot. Lets take the allstar game and have the only voters be the writers. (we’ll count the OFB team as writers for these purposes)

  7. Alex says:

    As an avid Caps fan, I will watch Ovechkin’s break away trickery once again in amazement. Besides that, the rest of this year’s All-Star rosters is a joke.

  8. Crosscheck42 says:

    “2) Fans are blinded by loyalty. Heck they even voted in some no name from Vancouver a couple years ago… Big Joke!”
    Actually, if you bothered to look into it, the Vote for Rory campaign was actually a protest by some hockey fans who predicted that something like this was going to happen because the voting could be so easily manipulated.
    Not only did the NHL not fix the problems that the Vote for Rory campaign exposed, they actually made the system worse this season.

  9. Max135 says:

    Really good idea

  10. muddapucker says:

    @Crosscheck 42
    Tell me how you would look up the name of someone that played in an all star game in a year you couldn’t remember, on a team you weren’t sure of.
    It simply wasn’t that important other than the point about fan manipulation of the ballots and that is what I remembered.
    Congratulations! Your point is well made and you are crowned minutiae king!

  11. nafyekcoh says:

    Name any sport that has a meaningful all-star game–baseball maybe. Fan voting is always based on the “flavor of the month” This is the only game of the year I don’t have any interest in watching.

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