Jamie Heward Update

Courtesy of Caps PR (thanks, Nate):

TAMPA BAY – Tampa Bay Lightning
defenseman Jamie Heward has been released from a Washington
D.C. hospital and is traveling back to Tampa today. Heward
suffered a concussion during the third period of last night’s game
against the Washington Capitals.

Heward, 37, was taken to Sibley Memorial
Hospital last night,
accompanied by Lightning Assistant Athletic Trainer Mike
Poirier. He underwent further testing, where it was
determined that no damage to his cervical spine occurred. Heward was kept
overnight as a precaution and will be sidelined indefinitely, though the
prognosis for his personal health is good. 

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2 Responses to Jamie Heward Update

  1. vt caps fan says:

    Great to hear. Thanks for passing along the update

  2. KateKintail says:

    Fantastic news! We were worried about him. Thanks for posting that news đŸ™‚

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