Rewriting History

Rick Tocchet played for the Caps in 2007?  I bet even Tocchet didn’t know that.
(Guess someone at Comcast still has a New Year’s hangover.)

Rick Tocchet

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11 Responses to Rewriting History

  1. SpartyCuse says:

    …and when they listed the former Caps who now are on TB, they misspelled Halern as “HALPREN”

  2. SpartyCuse says:

    oops….I meant Halpern. LOL.

  3. DC Sports Chick says:

    Good eye, Spartycuse- I didn’t even notice that!

  4. OrderedChaos (Mike Rucki) says:

    Sparty, you’re right, though misspelling his name in your comment about it is definitely a LOL moment. 🙂

  5. SpartyCuse says:

    Did you OFB’ers get the pics I sent you from the WC? Had a few shots of the Caps flag over Wrigley in there…..

  6. Gustafsson says:

    We got the email, thanks. I just signed on so I haven’t looked through them myself.
    Hope you had a great time. What a game.

  7. SpartyCuse says:

    It was a great time. Atmosphere was amazing. The nat’l anthem was chilling, with the fans going nuts. Its awesome what is happening here in Chicago with the Hawks. My folks are STH in DC, and Im a Hawks STH. As long as they arent playing in the finals, Im happy. And I would betray Chicago and be 100% behind DC in a Caps/Hawks final. They will always be my first hockey love. Hawks cant ever do better than #2.
    And the sightlines at Wrigley were interesting. I had primo seats in the upper deck, 10th row, behind the net. Perfect view. People in the lower bowl and bleachers stood a lot, since they could see players from mid-chest up. No view of the ice or the puck. I walked around the lower bowl before the game, and the best baseball seats were miserable hockey seats.

  8. Gustafsson says:

    Sounded great. So jealous.
    I have no problem with the Hawks… well… except for one of the netminders.

  9. mike says:

    I thin Tocchets #s with the Caps in ’07 are about the same as his original stint.

  10. SpartyCuse says:

    Believe it or not, Tocchet was 5-5-10 in 13 games.

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