Mike Gartner Number Retirement and Caps / Leafs Game Open Thread

Mike Gartner - Caps / Leafs

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3 Responses to Mike Gartner Number Retirement and Caps / Leafs Game Open Thread

  1. pucksandbooks says:

    I arrived at Verizon Center early. Painted in the ice behind both goals is an impressive looking set of number 11s. More atmospheric reflections forthwith as I absorb.

  2. pucksandbooks says:

    Fully 40 minutes before faceoff and it’s mildly festive in here, with many more people already in their seats than is customary. Already I’ve seen a heartening number of fans donned in old-school Caps’ sweaters. I think to some extent that’s going to be a theme of the evening, aided to no small degree by the Caps’ clever idea of having the team take warmups in ’80s throwbacks. I’m quite anxious to see what they look like up close during the in-game auction.

  3. JMoney says:

    Got a picture signed by Garts somewhere around here from back in the day, great wheels, great player. Thanks for the picture of the banner for us out of towners…

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