“Has the Voice”? I Wish I Did

You may know that in addition to “Hockey Blogger,” my resume includes “Voiceover Talent“.  As in many industries, the VO world is a relatively small one where you end up meeting people from around the country and the world.  Ralph Hass is one of my VO friends who certainly “Has the Voice” for a particular brand of voiceover — Sports Imaging.  Though he hails from the Great White North in Kelowna, BC, he is the imaging voice for the Buffalo Sabres on MSG-TV.

I got an email from Ralph yesterday leading up to the Capitals/Sabres game in which he said, “My opener on MSG-TV tonight calls Ovechkin ‘everyone’s favorite man in red’. ”  (The opener is the intro voiceover/video pimping the broadcast and the game matchup.  Locally on Comcast SportsNet, Joe Beninati handles the duties rather than hiring outside talent.)  Though he didn’t have a link to a video clip, he sent me the basic script:

The Christmas presents are opened…

And the Sabres have barely had time to clean up the wrapping paper.

This morning…they’re off on their “sleigh” to the Nations Capital…as the long grind of the NHL season continues.

Tonight…Washington…and everyone’s favorite man in red. 

No…not him. (shot of Santa). 

HIM. (shot of Ovechkin).

Alex and Company play host to the Sabres…NEXT on MSG!

Here’s more on Ralph in a spotlight from a year ago talking about a gig I would love to land.

Perhaps I need to start smoking to lower my voice as I certainly don’t have the pipes for sports imaging. Even still, I’m sure I’d have to get in line behind Joe Beninati and Wes Johnson.

Shameless plug portion of the post:  Here are some spots I’ve voiced for those who are curious.

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6 Responses to “Has the Voice”? I Wish I Did

  1. chanuck says:

    DCSC and have been to Kelowna, that is way far from Slugland.

  2. hotdog88gt says:

    Funny how they farm out work like that. I know the guy who does the MSG – I think if him as the voice of the MSG network but he doesn’t do it all. I have to axe him why he doesn’t do the lead-ins for the Sabres.

  3. pgreene says:

    dude, i totally want to go buy some deck stain now.

  4. Gustafsson says:

    You don’t have to be a fan of the team to take their money for a VO gig. Heck, I even auditioned for an NHL Network commercial and the script was for the Penguins.

  5. Gustafsson says:

    THAT was funny.

  6. HasTheVoice says:

    Hello Hockey fans!
    I’ve got the Sabre/Cap openings here from November 1 (Sabre win) and December 30 (Caps victory!). Enjoy!
    I also wanted to share this video, which is set to debut tonight at HSBC Arena – in the form of a new video open that will play prior to the start of each home game:

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