Another New Years Day Television Postcard for Hockey?

Windycity0101.gifIn meteorological circles, it’s still a bit early to get excited, but the advance weather forecast for Chicago on News Years Day looks rather hockey idyllic: a high of 31, with intermittent snow showers. Given the success of last year’s event in snowy Buffalo, and given the appeal of this season’s matchup between Original Six squads Detroit and Chicago, both of whom are enjoying terrific seasons, NBC and the NHL could be looking at a followup winner come Thursday.

Could the NHL actually get weather lucky a second straight year and an all-time television event for hockey?   

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3 Responses to Another New Years Day Television Postcard for Hockey?

  1. Gustafsson says:

    The current weather could post a problem.
    Check out the Puck Daddy offering:,131337

  2. SpartyCuse says:

    Its going to be beautiful here. Im in Chicago, and have awesome seats for the game (10th row upper deck, behind the goal).
    We had a massive ice storm on Friday, and it was 45 by the end of the day and 60 on Saturday. Its 32 now, and will be cool/cold all week. Expect perfect weather for the game, but probably no snow.
    I cant wait for the game. And for those who dont already know, De-Troit SUCKS!

  3. Bite my shiny metal ass, assholes, [url=]you were joked![/url]

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