Helmer 2 Helpers, AO Dazzles, Throws Salt on Wound: Caps 3, Sabres 2

Buffalo Sabres - Buffaslug Sweater
Victory Beer Toast

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3 Responses to Helmer 2 Helpers, AO Dazzles, Throws Salt on Wound: Caps 3, Sabres 2

  1. Jessie says:

    according to the AP and the post, brash’s goal was actually scored by gordon? if that is indeed the case, i feel bad for gordon, who got absolutely no credit in the phone booth tonight :-
    also- am i the only one who noticed our defense looked positively ROCK SOLID tonight?! defense, in one game, seems (and that is a pretty strong “seems”) to actually have become a strength of this team!!! the energy was lacking a bit in the first 20 minutes, but that defense was a pleasure to see tonight, and i hope it’s something the team decides to keep around 😛

  2. kittypawz says:

    Jessie, I’ve felt for some time that the Caps got a serious upgrade to their blueline out of Hershey, and I mean that. Sloan, Collins, and Alzner are all challenging for a permanent sweater, and now that Schultz and Erskine are close to returning, we’re going to have some tough decisions to make.

  3. SpartyCuse says:

    Craig and Joe B gave Gordon the credit right away, it was clear from the replay that Brash wasnt the last one to touch it.

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