Caps / Sabres Boxing Day Open Thread

Buffalo Sabres - Buffaslug Sweater

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7 Responses to Caps / Sabres Boxing Day Open Thread

  1. OrderedChaos (Mike Rucki) says:

    Just returned from my mom’s b-day dinner and noticed this thread wasn’t active… fixed the URL, should be working now.
    Let’s hope the Caps come back in the 3rd with the same level of energy (but more productivity) and get the 2 points.

  2. Jay_K says:

    Hey,..were up! The little creature soon to turn into a monster!,….Backstrom to Kozlov!

  3. Jay_K says:

    HOLY S!

  4. OrderedChaos (Mike Rucki) says:

    Wow, 2 assist night for Helmer so far, and a goal by Brashear… most unexpected!

  5. Chris P. says:

    Just a note from up north in Hershey, it looks as if Neuvirth will be making his AHL debut tomorrow night for the BEARS against the Baby Sens. Also Kip Brennan will make his 08-09 debut for the BEARS as his immigration paperwork is all taken care of. Should be a fun one here in Hershey tomorrow.

  6. Jay_K says:

    The Buffalo jersey above is hilarious Mike, can we make the jerseys the signature pic for future open threads?

  7. Jessie says:

    the AP and the post are both now saying that gordon actually scored brash’s goal? if it really was gordon, i feel bad for him that he got absolutely NO recognition at the game :-

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